Crystal Reports line feed/carriage return causes indent of subsequent line

I have a formula that concatenates two text fields and puts a linefeed/carriage return wherever there is a semicolon.
The new line, after the line feed/carriage return, is indented one space. I want the text all aligned to the left with no indents. I checked the field format paragraph alignment and all indentation settings are 0.

Here’s the formula:
Replace({Command.T3_2215}+ ' '+ {Command.AISDCURRENTPROJSTATUS1},";",";"+Chrw(10))

Using Chrw(13) does the same thing.

Here’s the output:

Metal framing nears completion;
 Roof work is 40% complete;
 MEP rough-in is nearing completion;
 Driveway curbs and gutters are scheduled to pour 7/31/2015;
 Retaining wall at the pond excavation is
 Brick is onsite and mock up panel has
been approved.
Amy LoydAsked:
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Why are you using Chrw?

Try using just Chr(10)  or Chr(13).

I always use Chr(13) to get text to move to the next line.

In the text is there a space after the ; in the original text that you also need to replace?

Ido MilletProfessor of MIS at Penn State Erie and Owner, Millet SoftwareCommented:
Try to add a space after the semi-colon you are replacing, like this:
Replace({Command.T3_2215}+ ' '+ {Command.AISDCURRENTPROJSTATUS1},"; ",";"+Chrw(10))

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Why are you using Chrw?
Because that's the "correct" function name?  :-)
 In CR 10, the Help has ChrW.  There's no mention of Chr.  I figured Chr was the old name and it had been deprecated, and was going to be replaced by ChrW, but, assuming that I was correct, it seems that they never actually removed Chr.  The functions are presumably identical.  I've always used ChrW.

 FWIW, it's the same for Asc/AscW.  Either one works, but the CR 10 Help only shows AscW.  I suppose it's possible that Chr and Asc were accidentally left out of the Help file, but it seems unlikely that they would have missed both of those by accident, but included ChrW and AscW.

Amy LoydAuthor Commented:
Thank you all so much. I tried both ChrW(10) and Chr (10) with the same results. I mentioned ChrW in my post because it was listed as the most current function. I put a space after the semicolon IdoMillet suggested and it worked perfectly.
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