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Outlook 2010 safe-senders GPO works for email addresses but not for domains

I have a GPO that adds safe senders to Outlook 2010. The GPO is configured correctly and I can see that the addresses in the txt file do get added to Outlook. Only... after a few minutes the domains ( disappear while the email addresses ( remain. This does not affect domains added manually, it only affects domains added via the GPO. Also (as mentioned) the domains do get added (initially I see them in Outlook) but then they magically disappear. Domain is Win2008 R2. Exchange is Office 365 (Exchange 2013). Ideas?
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Will Szymkowski
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Does this happen for all users You apply this to?

Is there another GPO that is over writing the policy removing the domain entries?

If you create a new Outlook profile for one of the users and then re-apply the domain entries do they take affect and stay?

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Hello Will. I tried on two different machines for two different windows users. I also moved the GPO at the very top (to be applied last). Same problem. As a test I added a few more entries (both domains and addresses). The addresses stayed. The domains disappeared. The only thing I can think of is that our new Exchange (we moved to Office 365 a couple of weeks ago) handles these differently and this creates the glitch. Any ideas about that? Thanks
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I found the answer via google search, I am including it here for reference.