WLAN 802.1x Certificate security random failures

We are having some random failures of laptops being able to log on to the network. I've narrowed it down to one item, the laptops that work show the network as 802.11N, while the ones that don't show the network as 802.11G. This makes sense as we have our access points (HP MSM460) set to only talk to N clients only, so I'm not necessarily sure I understand why G even shows up. That being said, I've attached two pictures, one of the working laptop, and one of the non-working laptop screens. Not sure if anyone has ran into this before and could offer some guidance? It could be hours or days, but eventually the non-working laptop will switch back to seeing N and use the network, until it happens again to some other laptop. In Event Viewer, the WLAN-Auto Config log goes as follows on the non-working laptop:

Event 11000 MsmAssociation: Wireless Network Association Started
Event 8000 AcmConnection: started a connection to a wireless network
Event 11001 MSMAssociation: Wireless Network Association Succeeded.
Event 11010 MsmSecurity: Wireless Security Started
Error Event 8002 AcmConnection: WLAN AutoConfig service failed to connect to a wireless network. Failure reason: Failed to start security after association

A working laptop shows N for the connection and has these events.
Event 11000 MsmAssociation: Wireless Network Association Started
Event 11001 MsmAssociation: Wireless Network Association Started
Event 11010 MsmSecurity: Wireless Security Started
Event 12011 OneXAuthenticaiton: Wireless 802.1x authentication started
Event 12014 OneXAuthentication: Wireless 802.1x authentication was restarted
Event 12014 OneXAuthenticaiton: Wireless 802.1x authentication was restarted (again, and same timestamp)
Event 12012 OneXAuthentication: Wireless 802.1x authentication succeeded
Event 11005 MsmSecurity: Wireless security succeeded
Event 8001 AcmConnection: WLAN AutoConfig service has successfully connected to a wireless network

Any ideas where to go from here for diagnostics would be much appreciated!
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAsked:
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
If you've configured your AP to only operate N radios then seeing G at all is not a trivial symptom. I'd suspect a firmware bug on the AP, or in edge cases, someone with a rogue AP attempting a man-in-the-middle attack.
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAuthor Commented:
I'm working with HP but it looks like the G spectrum can't be turned off, if N 2.4 is on then G is on as well. Going to experiment with band steering to see if I can see something go differently. I just don't understand why some computers work and others don't. We have to have the 2.4 band as 99% of our equipment is 2.4 B/G/N radios, only a few systems support 5 N.
Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAuthor Commented:
Well this ended up being a driver issue. I'm floored, but in comparing an out of the box unit with an imaged one, I realized the WLAN driver package wasn't installing properly during imaging. There are three exe's in the Realtek driver package folder that should run besides the main installer, Cisco-EAP, Cisco-LEAP, and Cisco-FAST. As soon as I installed these exe's the laptop successfully joined the network without even a reboot (as the exe finished I saw the wireless network join). So lesson learned, always check drivers :). Now I have 200 more systems to finish installing this driver on!

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Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIIAuthor Commented:
Issue ended up with an improperly installed driver  package.
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