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I would like to move my current Windows 7 hard drive (Samsung SSD) from a Dell computer to a newer ASUS system.  Naturally, the SSD won't boot because it doesn't have the ASUS drivers.  I do have a Norton Ghost image backup to work with, and I've tried putting a fresh hard drive in the ASUS system, loading Win 7, then restoring from the image, but that doesn't boot either - just shows the windows logo then recycles.  Is there any way to get the ASUS drivers onto the current hard drive so that it will boot, or do I have to start with a clean install and reload everything.
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JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
In order to install the drivers on the new drive, you would need a working operating system and you do not have. The systems are SO different (including BIOS) that you really need to reinstall the operating system for decent stability.
Also I might add that unless you purchased a retail copy of Windows and installed it on the Dell, transferring the OEM Dell Windows license is not supported/legal.
alexatbcAuthor Commented:
I have the retail version - 3x Family Pack.
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The family pack is an upgrade. You upgraded your Windows XP/Vista license on the dell to Windows 7, it doesn't mean that you can install this same Windows 7 license on your new PC.

System Requirements

You must have a genuine copy of either Windows XP or Vista running on the machines you wish to upgrade in order to use Family Pack
Source: https://www.microsoft.com/uk/windows/offers/windows-7-family-pack.aspx

The XP or Vista license on the Dell dies with the Dell. It is non-transferable.
alexatbcAuthor Commented:
I'm looking for technical assistance, not moral chiding!  I bought the Retail Version and will use it however I wish.  If you have nothing positive to add, please don't waste my time any further.
Good luck. I have too many certifications on the line to assist those with theft.

for installing the drive on other hardware, use the paragon software Adaptive restore :

if windows balks and says it is not genuine -  don't be surprised
☠ MASQ ☠Commented:
Much as you don't want to hear it Sommerblink has actually nailed the problem.

Let's ignore the legality issue for a moment and concentrate on purely the functionality and why you are seeing the issues you have.

From your description the Win7 install currently on your Dell that you want to transfer will be derived from one of two sources;  

- A Dell OEM Stickered XP or Vista install
- A Retail version of one of those qualifying operating systems

The Family Pack installs as an upgrade and the Key and activation matrix on the installation DVDs that come with it activates Win 7 and creates a Product ID based upon the prior OS.

This is the same SLP activation matrix that a standalone clean install of Win 7 OEM uses so the system requires the BIOS signature of the motherboard to match the one used at install when it launches.

What you're seeing is the typical result of trying to move an OEM OS into a system that doesn't have that OEM's system board.

Adding drivers won't fix this (although it will get the board components recognised) because it's not the difference in chipsets that's the fundamental problem.  The problem is the motherboard doesn't identify itself as Dell (not surprisingly given it's from Asus).

It's not a straightforward fix either.  You could run a repair install over the image in the hope of converting it to a different licence structure with a different activation matrix but that requires you to have an activation key that matches the repair media - don't forget that your Family Pack Key isn't a full retail pack it's an upgrade so a full retail DVD won't accept the Family Pack Key.

You could try creating a Family Pack install from fresh on the Asus although it may request evidence of a base OS so you'll need an XP or Vista installation disk but pretty sure that your current Dell machine will have Family Pack based on a prior OEM system so when you image it onto the Asus you're back to Microsoft's anti-piracy SLP lock :(

Your other potential solution might actually be legislation.  

If you are resident in any of the European countries covered by  ECC regulation then Microsoft's OEM restrictions were ruled anti-competitive some years ago and you can have an OEM system transferred to a different manufacturer's equipment (but you'll need to talk this through with a real person at Microsoft's Activation Center on one of their Europe numbers and they can be occasionally a bit "forgetful" that that's the case!)  In that situation they'll provide you with a one-off activation key over the 'phone.

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alexatbcAuthor Commented:
Thank you Noxcho and Nobus - your advice was right on the money and just what I was looking for.  For those that jumped to the conclusion that I was in some way committing theft from Dell, be advised that I bought the Dell from a friend of mine, minus the HDD - he kept it.  I installed a new larger HDD and installed a retail version of XP.  When Windows 7 came out I got the retail Family Pack and installed it - so far as I know, all transactions are clean.  Consider this issue closed.
while i can see why people think about theft; i also see the other possibilities, so i answer your Q within EE's rules
tx for posting the outcome
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