Easiest way to set GPO's Security Filtering to all computers named LABxxx

I have a GPO that I want to restrict to only computers with names starting with "LAB".  There's 30 LAB PCs at this school, so I could use the GPO's Security Filtering section and add each LAB computer one at a time.  That seems a little tedious, so is there an easier way?  I don't know anything about WMI filters, are they applicable for this?

I guess I could create a computer group in ADUC and add all the LAB PCs to the group, then select that computer group in the GPO's Security Filtering section?

Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Asked:
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yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
You will want to use WMI Filtering

In GPMC under your Domain you will see WMI Filter
Please see examples in my screenshots


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Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
So my WMI Filter's query would be:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem where name like "LAB"  ?

Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
That query returned false for one of the LAB PCs.  So maybe my query should be:
SELECT * FROM Win32_ComputerSystem where name like "LAB%" ?

I'm guessing the % symbol is a wildcard?
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Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
using LIKE "LAB%" did not work either, as it returned false for a computer named LAB01

I guess I'm missing something?
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
Did you apply it to the GPO? Just creating the WMI Filter will not work it needs to be set within the GPO.
Can you post some more details like screenshots of the GPO and where the GPO is being applied to as well as where the computer object sits in the OU.
Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
Interestingly, when I rerun the Results wizard for a computer named "LAB02" the WMI filter containing "LAB%" is now evaluating to True.  I wonder why it evaluated as False initially?  I've been running into delays with GPOs getting applied too.  Shouldn't running Group Policy Results (using GPMC on the only DC)  yield immediate results?  I know that on client machines there can be a delay until the policy refreshes (or one runs GPUdate /Force).  But when checking results on the DC itself using GPMC's Group Policy Results, shouldn't changes be immediate?
Mike ReedOwner, janitor, bottle washer :)Author Commented:
I did not realize that the Group Policy Results tool queries the target computer and retrieves the current settings.  So recent policy changes will not be refelected in the report until after a policy refresh has occurred (e.g. restart computer or run GPUpdate /Force)
yo_beeDirector of Information TechnologyCommented:
The model component of GPMC can be used to see what if scenario not the Result Wizard. The Results is the same thing as RSoP on a local computer.

Glad so see that it worked.
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