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I have a client that has LDAP authentication on a site on port 9999, they have forms on port 8888, is there a way to check to see if they are logged in and get the session info on port 8888 with PHP?

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I am thinking to access the form, it is sort of doing some redirect only after it is successful, so there may be some sort of use of JavaScript to accomplish this redirect such as the pseudo steps of the JS
- detect the clients computer name, user name, domain by using the network object in WScript
- detect the credentials and then send them to the server to check with AD
- Valid with AD server - create a user session, reply an JSON Object for success is true. Redirect client.
- Otherwise, no user session and no redirect.  
So maybe we can grab some evidence of a 302 or 301 is presence instead of a error http response such as unauthorised 401 etc. Just some quick thoughts



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