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php if

Code trial 1:
$img_path = 'ticktockInt/images/jpg/exclaim.jpg';  

<td colspan="12" align="center" class="body_bold_black"><a name="remimage" id="remimage"></a>
 <?php if ($row_invoicesReminders['Reminder'] == "Remind") {
                    echo "<li><img src='$img_path;'/><li>";  } ?>


Code trial 2:

$img_path = '<img src="ticktockInt/images/jpg/exclaim.jpg" width="102" height="102" />';

               <?php if ($row_invoicesReminders['Reminder'] == "Remind") {
                    echo $img_path;  } ?></td>

I do not get any errors
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Marco Gasi
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Php is case-sensitive: are you sure the value should be 'Remind' and not 'remind'? And the same quetion can be done about the column name...
Can you show the whole code: query and loop?
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<?php do { ?>
              <td align="left" valign="top" class="totals"><?php echo $row_invoicesReminders['ID']; ?></td>
              <td align="left" valign="top" class="totals"><?php echo $row_invoicesReminders['Name']; ?></td>
              <td align="left" valign="top" nowrap="nowrap" class="totals"><?php echo $row_invoicesReminders['Date']; ?></td><td>
               <?php if ($row_invoicesReminders['Reminder'] == "Remind") {
                    echo $img_path;  } ?></td>
            <?php } while ($row_invoicesReminders = mysql_fetch_assoc($invoicesReminders)); ?>
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Try this

if (trim($row_invoicesReminders['Reminder']) == "Remind")

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Maybe there is some hidden space in your database column...
If I just put this into the page:
echo "<img src='$img_path'/>";  } ?>

I get the inage
So it vlooks as if there is a problem with the IF statement
Did you try to use trim as I suggested above?
I edited my recordset - it was not referencing all the fields correctly (specifically thyhe "Reminders" field
What is the solution? Editing the recordset (and how?) or deleting a semicolon? I'm missing something here...
Going forward, a useful concept in PHP programming is the use of HEREDOC notation to make templates and HTML fragments that are later used in creating a complete web page.  Once you know how this works, it will revolutionize your programming and design practices.  Just a thought...
The solution was to edit the recordset and get rid of the ";"
Thanks for the explanation :-)
Thanks Ray