Using the Google API to generate Latitude and Longitude values

I've been working on an Access database application which calls the Web Browser with a Google Map with multiple addresses marked upon it. I have been making progress by using UK Post Codes to generate Lat/Lng values via a routine I found on the Web which calls the Google Geocoder API. This was working fine until an hour ago. Now, no Lat/Lng values are being produced and when I use this hyperlink in VBA   (strAddr can contain any address)

"" & strAddr & " & "sensor=false"

it returns a message saying "You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API"

I have only made a few thousand calls to the API key in the last 24 hours so I assume that t I am 'sharing' the software with other users. I assumed I needed an API key so I have obtained one from the Google Developers console. But how do I use it in my Access application? This is the key.


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Are you a paying customer of Google? Free users only get 2400 requests per 24 hours.
jeffkwells2003Author Commented:
I didn't see that number on the Google Developers' site - they seemed to be talking about 25000 accesses per 24 hours! Any idea how much I (or my client) will have to pay?

And what do I do with that key I obtained for free?!!!

Sorry, my bad it's 2500 for the free users.
To use your key you append it to the end of the request.

As far as pricing is concerned you will have to contact Google.

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jeffkwells2003Author Commented:
Thanks a lot, that did the trick!
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