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Dear Experts

We are running on premise Exchange 2007.

We are receiving increased numbers of spam emails - one of which has resulted in a virus causing damage to network data this week.

I am aware of the inbuilt anti spam features in Exchange 2007 and desktop solutions such as Cloudmark etc.  However, I would welcome any advise that you experts could provide as to a suitable and effective way of eliminating as much as possible any spam email received.

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions
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Director of Information Technology
Do you have a budget for SaaS like Mimecast.  There are others out there like them.

My experience with this is all nothing but positive.
We use them for filtering and archiving for the last four years and I am extremely happy with the product.  spam does get through, but call them up and report it and they apply this across their system.  

This sort of offloads some of the responsibilities to another who have much more insight and resources to handle this.

There is edge transport server you can standup,but the cost do not out weight the cost of management.  

Go third party and allow to focus your attention to something much better like giving your company newer technology for the future.
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There is no single answer to this question.
If there was, then spam wouldn't be the problem.
I have seen every product work wonderfully and also seen them fail. Cloud based solutions are just the same, some work, some don't.
The only option is to evaluate the market both on price and performance to find something that works for you. Have it quarantine rather than delete so that you can see what you would lose. All products should remove the worst of it, that isn't the problem - it is what it lets through and what it blocks that it shouldn't do that you need to worry about. The email profile of every client is different, so the products will have different effectiveness.

You will never eliminate spam, you can reduce it to controllable levels though.

Don't purchase anything on reputation or recommendation alone - you must trial it. If the vendor will not allow a completely free trial (I don't all 100% money back offers a free trial) then move to another service.

yo_beeDirector of Information Technology

100% agreed with the last comment.
I can echo Yo_bee's comment. We have also used Mimecast for several years and have been very happy. We use the basic spam filtering as well as archiving. We also use their targeted threat protection which creates a redirect for any link found in an email.  When the user clicks on the link, the TTP evaluates the endpoint of the link and does one of three things.  It allows it, it completely blocks it or it allows the user to choose whether to go on or not. They also have a secure email portal that we use to send private information to clients. Like yo_bee I have had nothing but positive experiences with this service.

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