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Colin Brazier
Colin Brazier used Ask the Experts™
Hi, hopefully there are some Shopify experts out there...

See this page:

The page was showing fine until I tried to implement swatches, using this tutorial:

Now all products show as unavailable (crossed out) despite there being stock.  

The swatch.liquid snippet is attached (as a txt file).

I have had no response from the Shopify forums.  I would appreciate any guidance.

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Marco GasiFreelancer
Top Expert 2010

Don't know if related, but in Firebug I see you have an error:
ReferenceError: delta is not defined
delta  *= lineHeight;

in, line 161, col 16

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Hi Marco,

Apologies for the delay, I have been away.  I don't think it is related, but thanks anyway.
Hi Colinspurs.

One thing you can do is to try to revert back to the original file settings.

You could redownload your theme and upload the relevent files and "start all over" with your modification.   (Or you could copy and paste over the modified files with the "virgin" files from the theme.

Is that something you want to try.  Then we can go, step by step, through the tutorial.

At least your products would be showing properly in the meantime.

Also it's good practice before and after you make modifications to a theme to click on the button that will email you a copy of the theme as it was before and after modifications were made.  For example I made a major mistake in a css file just this morning -- but was able to restore it to the way it was last night by unzipping the emailed template and extracting the css file from last night's version.

Also, (I should have said this first)  you can revert many of the files back to an earlier version in the editing panel (not css files, unfortunately)
 You'll see the link on the top of most editing screens. It has this link  
theme.liquid Older versions | Liquid variable reference

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Many thanks Rowby.  As you can see from the date this project has been in abeyance for a while, when I get back to it - before too long I hope - I'll follow your suggestions.  I think I might need to "start all over" just to re-train myself, as it's my first Shopify effort.

sure -- you can just set up another 14 day free trial and use it as a training ground.  Shopify is cool about that!



Thanks, when I get back to this I'll post another question.

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