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ActiveSync Doesn't update all the contacts

Hello Guys,

I have an Exchnage environent with many domains and many mailboxes on each domain.
I have a ceratin mailbox that has over 5.6k contacts in it.

When trying to sync it to an  Android phone, It only synced about 4.9k of them, futhermore, after reaching the peak of 4.9k contacts, it starts dropiing.

I tried it on two different phones, on two different Android versions. both Kitkat and Lolipop, and on both the same issues happens.

I also tried the builtin app an several external apps that all showed the same thing. I check the issue on an iPhone and I couldn't reproduce the issue.

Has anyone encountered such an issue?
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Will Szymkowski
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The reason for this is that there is a 5k limit for contacts. which is why it is stopping at 4.9. Aparently there is a registry value that can correct this. See the link below.

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I'm afraid this refers to Windows Phones, as I stated, the problem is on Android.
Windows Phone and Android they both use ActiveSync.  As Will stated, the registry fix should resolve the issue.
This is specifically an ActiveSync issue NOT a phone issue. ActiveSync has a 5k limit.

Then how do you explain it worked on an iPhone? it still uses the same activesync connector..
I guess one way to find out is to make the change and see.
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Problem was with the phones versions. Not with the exchange servers or the activesync as previously suspected.