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Change Boot Drive for Windows 10

I am adding an SSD drive to my Lenovo Yoga 2.  I currently have Windows 10 running on the machine, on the existing HDD.  My plan is to clone the existing HDD to the SSD, and use the SSD as my boot drive, and the original HDD for additional storage.  In the past when I've done this, I've just swapped the new drive in place of the old one, and that was it.  How do I do this with the new UEFI boot method?  Is it really as simple as changing the boot device in the firmware?  How can I be sure I'm not booting from the original HDD without disconnecting it?
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Use this tool for a quick migration:
Once the cloning is done - go to BIOS and change the boot order of the drive.
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You can go to Windows Disk Management and see which drive is marked as System and Boot. If you see such partition then the Windows is starting from this HDD or SSD exactly.
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This worked; I had to change the UEFI boot order, and that was all.  Of course, unrelated Windows 10 issues meant I had to do a full fresh install anyway.