How do I remove exchange from SBS 2011 Server

I have set up all email accounts with 365 and all working for the past two weeks.

What process do I have to follow to uninstall exchange from the server and what effect will it have on the users when and if I can or do?

They now have pst files with their calendar, tasks and old emails.

Thanks in advance
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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Here is the MS official steps on removing Exchange from SBS 2011

Basically it's Add/Remove and uninstall as you would any other application.
lbat40Author Commented:
Thanks, tried that but comes back saying it cant uninstall it with errors.

I will look at the link

Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
That information would have been helpful in the original question.

What errors exactly are you getting?

Are you having issues with the Public Folder database?
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lbat40Author Commented:
I'm sorry, I realised that as soon as I posted.

I will get a screen shot and upload it.

Are you able to shed any light on anything else that happens to the users and their logons? They all still need to access the server but only as a file/print server for sage and a bespoke CRM system with the data on the server. I am worried that it affects anything else at all other than exchange?

Thanks in advance
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
That's ok.

Shouldn't affect their logons at all.  Their logons will function normally.
lbat40Author Commented:
I followed the link, in the error message and I needed to delete the send connector first, its now doing the uninstall process...
Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Excellent.  Post if you run into any other issues.
lbat40Author Commented:
I apparently have 86gb of exchange data, is there a way of removing this?
SBS works best with exchange and all it's other roles installed and running. Uninstalling any of it can make it unstable, and it is also a breach of the SBS license agreement. Normally you would only uninstall exchange when you are decommissioning the server and migrating it's roles to other servers in your environment. But since you are keeping on using the server, you must keep exchange installed on it.

Just keep exchange running, but don't use it!

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Scott CSenior EngineerCommented:
Is that stopping the removal?  Post the message you are getting please.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I agree with Rindi.

Quoting ScottCha: Here is the MS official steps on removing Exchange from SBS 2011
Sorry, but it's not.  Certainly not for SBS 2011.  and given the changes to Exchange from version 4.0 (to 5, 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010) I'm sure they are missing major details.  Further, the article has been retired for more than 10 years.
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Sorry to jump on the band wagon but Rindi and Lee are correct.  

Exchange is so tied into the console and other wizards that removing it from SBS can cause more problems than having it on.

Have you removed it already or did it fail to un-install?
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