VB NET Pie Chart Segment Colours


Is it possible to set the colour of each segment of a oie chart in VB NET using the Chart control?

For example I have a pie chart that counts the names in a table, I would like Ted to be red and Fred to be green etc...

I have found out how to do it by index number:
series1.Points(0).Color = Color.Blue

but need something like this
series1.Points("Fred").Color = Color.Green
series1.Points("Ted").Color = Color.Red

Thanks, Greg
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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
You can use LINQ to find your point:

Dim pt = .Series("Canadian provinces").Points.FirstOrDefault(Function(p) p.AxisLabel = "Fred")
If pt IsNot Nothing Then pt.Color = Color.Green

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spen_langAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply. I have just managed to write some code that gives me the desired results.

The colour is returned within the dataset that is bound to the chart series. I have used...

series1.Points.DataBind(ds.Tables(0).Rows, "Name", "Value", "NameColour=NameColour")

Dim iRandom As New Random

For Each dp As DataPoint In series1.Points

	If Not String.IsNullOrEmpty(dp("NameColour").ToString) Then
		dp.Color = System.Drawing.ColorTranslator.FromHtml(dp("NameColour").ToString)
		dp.Color = Color.FromArgb(255, iRandom.Next(0, 255), iRandom.Next(0, 255), iRandom.Next(0, 255))
	End If


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Éric MoreauSenior .Net ConsultantCommented:
I have provided a working solution using the details you have provided!
spen_langAuthor Commented:
Thank you
spen_langAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

This is what I ended up using.
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