Win7 LockoutScreen Password Field missing when Novell installed

I've recently been testing out login use case experiences on my System Images before deploying.
It appears the lock screen setup has been affected; there is no password field prompted to users when the Novell Client is installed on the image.

If the Novell Client is NOT installed and you goto sleep or reboot etc. my image displays the password input field as expected just under the username field.

Is this a Win7 bug? a Novell registry edit I can modify in Win7 local security profile ? etc?


JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAsked:
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Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
The Novell client and the Windows domain login are meant to be used exclusively of the other and each makes the respective server (Novell or Windows server xxxx) act as the master authority for that client.
You need to decide which one you want to act as the server and change the other to accommodate that setup.
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
above /\ post is not a solution for my posted current business requirement which has been operating so for over a decade...
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
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JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
PROBLEM:: a Windows7 local session when lockedout appears to restrict policy to prompt for password input field to not be displayed
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
SUSPECT :: could be a local windows profile security configuration prohibiting the password prompt somehow
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
How to install Novell client; but, use Active Directory for authentication:
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
no Active Directory is used.
local "Computer Only" session is hybrid w/ Novell authentication for enterprise network logical drive mappings

if people log off they are fine, if they just lock the system they are re-prompted featuring username but no password input field to unlock the win7 system
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
What exactly happens when you click on the username?  Any error message?
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
no theres no message to go research ... either a network re-authentication is required on the switch user button at the bottom  (which doesn't help because the person is usually no longer on p[rem to perform a network auth) or a reboot of the system and the active local user session is lost.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
So it doesn't do anything when the PC resumes and you click on the username icon?

The bear, then, is we could go on forever not knowing if the disconnect is in Windoze or the server.  Both have timeouts for inactive sessions and disconnects.

Sounds to me like you better teach folks to logoff!

You could add the power/logoff button to the lock screen.
JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
Found the solution to this issue with help of Novell support.

We installed a Novell debug logging tool. The analysis of the logs showed that we were failing to load a bitmap for the lock the screen. The file is located in "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\User Account Pictures\user.bmp". This is a custom bitmap with our logo.

We noticed that the size of the file was different from the other bitmaps that Microsoft gives you for profile pictures. It seems that the file was not actually a bitmap but more likely a jpg. When we opened the file in Paint and went to save the default was jpg. We saved it as a 24-bit bitmap file format. Then when we locked the screen, we get the correct picture and the password field appears.

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JAaron AndersonProgramming Architect @ Widener UniversityAuthor Commented:
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