How to copy files and retain permissions of target folder

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I need to create a process that will copy all .pdf files from one location (Windows Server 2003 directory) to another location (Windows Server 2008 R2) nightly. Once the files have been copied over I need them permissions of the target folder to be applied to them.

I tried to create a batch file that will be ran by Windows Scheduled Tasks nightly. The batch file simply copies the files from point A to point B. However the permissions of the target folder are not being applied. Because when I try to access any of the copied pdf files via a web application I have that views this directory I get an access denied error. If I simply go to the directory and refresh the permissions by taking them out and putting them back in for the account in question the error goes away.

Any suggestions?
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robocopy source destination /sec
Raymond PengSystems Engineer

David is on point.

I generally use this syntax:

robocopy source destination /mir /sec /w:1 /r:1 /log: "log file location.txt"

robocopy \\servername\fileshare1 D:\foldername /mir /sec /w:1 /r:1 /log:"log location"

/mir = mirrors (exact copy)
/sec = copies security attributes
/w:1 = wait one sec before trying
/r:1 = retry once
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> ...the permissions of the target folder are not being applied
Clarification: You want the permissions of the target, not the source permissions, to be applied. Correct? If so...

A plain robocopy w/o switches just copies files w/o permissions. i.e. robocopy \\server2003\share \\server2008\share "*.pdf". The permissions at the target are based on those of the target parent folder. You are probably using one or more of the security switches, e.g. /sec, /copyall, which copies the source permissions.

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