Microsoft SQL 2005 -- cast / convert -- int to decimal ?

How can I change my below [PairedElapsedSeconds]
INT database column so it displays hours to one
decial places instead of rounding like the below
test1 and test2 do since it is an INT field ?

SELECT [PairedElapsedSeconds] / 60 as Total_Minutes
      ,CAST([PairedElapsedSeconds] AS varchar(5)) / 3660 as Total_Hrs_test1
      ,CONVERT(varchar(50),[PairedElapsedSeconds]) / 3660 as Total_Hrs_test2
  FROM [Transactions]
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Data DudeCommented:
Two things going on here


What you are experiencing is referred to as 'integer math', where SQL processes an integer divided by an integer and returns an integer, so 9 / 2 = 4 instead of 4.5.  To return the 4.5, one of the values needs to be support decimal values, i.e. 9 / 2.0 = 4.5So, copy paste the below into your SSMS, execute it to get the point across, then modify your code to use the CAST(.. as decimal)
Declare @x int = 9, @y int = 2

SELECT @x / @y

SELECT @x / CAST(@y as decimal(5,4)) 

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You'll want to convert the varchar's to numeric data types, and possibly test that they are numbers instead of a non-number that can't participate in a divide expression, using something like WHERE ISNUMERIC(column_name) =  or TRY_CAST

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PortletPaulEE Topic AdvisorCommented:
    CREATE TABLE Transactions
        ([PairedElapsedSeconds] int)
    INSERT INTO Transactions

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        , convert(varchar, PairedElapsedTime ,8) PairedElapsedTime
        , ca.PairedElapsedMinutes
        , ca.PairedElapsedHours
    from Transactions
    cross apply (
          dateadd(second,PairedElapsedSeconds,0) PairedElapsedTime
        , PairedElapsedSeconds / 60.0 PairedElapsedMinutes
        , PairedElapsedSeconds / 3660.0 PairedElapsedHours
      ) ca

    | PairedElapsedSeconds | PairedElapsedTime | PairedElapsedMinutes | PairedElapsedHours |
    |                12345 |          03:25:45 |               205.75 |            3.37295 |
    |                23456 |          06:30:56 |           390.933333 |           6.408743 |
    |                45678 |          12:41:18 |                761.3 |          12.480327 |

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Microsoft SQL Server 2005

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