Windows LIve ID and Office 365 Email Address

Please tell me Microsoft hasn't done something so bone chilling stupid that it defies everything (not that they haven't done it before). I set me Windows Live ID up a million years ago base on my name and domain. Pretty straight forward stuff.

Now along comes Office 365 and I try to add my email address to Outlook 365 as... yep... name and domain. WRONG! You can't! You Windows Live ID has to be different then your Outlook 365 email address or Microsoft has no idea which one your talking about. Really? What foresight!

Has anyone else encountered this? What do you do? Change you Windows Live ID after 30 years?????
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Vasil Michev (MVP)Commented:
O365 has been around for a while, I'm guessing your trouble started when they moved your account to the new O365 based backend? So was it working fine before? Since you are using a custom domain, where does the Autodiscover record point at? Can you configure the account using the alias?

Might help if you provide a bit more details so we can understand the issue.
LockDown32OwnerAuthor Commented:
Sure. My WindowsLive ID is and has been for ages. POP3 accounts at GoDaddy. So I go to set up Office 365 and setup my domain and I am the first users in My Company to do so and I add my email address.

I go to sign in to Office 365 and the LoginID is and that is where things go bad. It is confusing my Windows Live ID and my Outlook 365 ID because they are the same email address and Microsoft can't keep them straight. The passwords are different and the Outlook 365 login gets confused. On rare occasion I do get logged in to Office 365 but then when I click on Mail is says "Oops something went wrong" because it is trying to use my Windows Live ID even though I signed in with my Office 365 ID. It is a mess....
Damien KayCommented:
Office 365 uses AD for its back end authentication, and Microsoft Live uses its own older, original form of authentication, and the two don't talk to each other (yet).

Up until just recently, I had the same problem you are having, and I even opened a ticket with O365 Support to see if they had any ideas.  At the time, they did not have a solution, but said it was a known issue being worked on.

So, I chose to add a new email address (just slightly different) to the properties of my original Microsoft Live account. Then I switched it so the new address was the primary for my LIVE account. I even left my original address in my LIVE profile as a secondary, just in case.  All my Microsoft Live logins continued to work perfectly with the new address.  This stopped the confusion with the O365 logins.

Recently, it would appear that Microsoft has recognized this as a common problem, and apparently is working on it.  When prompted with a Microsoft website login, I am often given the choice now to use a WORK or SCHOOL login vs. a LIVE login, so that the website is sending the login information to the right  backend authentication system.

Hope this helps!


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LockDown32OwnerAuthor Commented:
On this particular account I don't use AD integration and I too am prompted with Work/School or Personal Account when I log in.

   I just got off the phone with Microsoft. I should have known better. The problem was IE 11. He actually had me use Chrome and everything worked as it should. I had to laugh. A Microsoft Support Technician telling me not to use IE. Poetic justice.

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