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Install FileMaker 13 remotely and silently for 50+ users

I need to install FileMaker 13 for about 50-60 users. I don't want to have to do that 50-60 times. I wanted to copy the install files to a share and then install it for a list of machines.

Is this something someone has done with psexec? Figured if so, it would look like:
psexec @list_of_machines \\server\share\filemaker\setup.exe /s /v/qn

Anyone done this?
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I don't think this is going to do what you want.  psexec is for running short commands not performing installs.

And even if it will start the install, there is going to have to be user interaction to complete which is not silent and won't be successful, because we all know users aren't going to do what they are supposed to do.

To do what you want, you would need SCCM and create the package and then advertise it to the desired clients.

If this is something that you only need to do one, then you are probably best just doing 8-10 installs per day.

If you are going to be needing something like this frequently, then you should invest in SCCM.
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FileMaker has a silent install, so I don't see why it wouldn't work.
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Awesome!!!  Thanks for posting the solution.
Found the answer without needing to buy some software and jump through hoops.