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I am using a cfoutput query and I need to change the "name" of each radio input box for each record that is returned. The default is "auth", the 2nd should be auth1, then auth2 etc...

In the below example, each time it returns a record from the query "getAuths", the name of each radio button group should increase by one. Can someone assist?

	<cfoutput query="getAuths">
			<input type="radio"  name="auth" value="yesAuth" />Authorized  <input type="radio" name="auth" value="noAuth" />Not Authorized

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The default is "auth", the 2nd should be auth1, then auth2 etc...

EDIT: For consistency, I'd suggest using a number suffix for all of the groups.  So instead of  "auth", "auth1", "auth2", .... the field names should be "auth1", "auth2", "auth3",

To do that, use the #currentRow# variable. It is automatically defined within a query loop. As the name implies it contains the current row number within the loop: 1,2,3,4....

<cfoutput query="getAuths">
   <input type="radio"  name="auth#currentRow#" value="yesAuth" /> Authorized  
   <input type="radio" name="auth#currentRow#" value="noAuth" /> Not Authorized

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