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Account locking out constantly

Hello All,

In my LAN I have a couple of standalone computers. These have not been joined to the domain because they do not belong to us. The local user of this computer needs to have access to a share drive in my domain to access some files to print. In order to make this possible, I have  created a mapping pointing to this shared folder and I have specified the credentials of a domain account (one dedicated for this purpose) by choosing the "connect as" option.
For some reason this domain account gets lock constantly, and I am not being able to decipher why.
On my lockout events I am able to see the machine that is causing the lockout, which is the machine where the drives are mapped.

Any ideas on what to do to troubleshoot or resolve this situation?
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I would clear out the passwords and accounts associated with that user in the credential manager.  If any application is using older cached credentials on the local machine , these automatic processes can quickly lock out an account.
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Often it can be due to trying to connect to another mapped drive with incorrect credentials.  I would recommend deleting all drive mappings and recreating.

net use persistent :no
net use  * /delete
<recreate drive mappings>

Another thought; there is no mobile device or phone trying to connect to an account on the server for services such as e-mail?
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Hi h1r0 thank you for your post. Yes that was something that I did and still locking out.
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Hi Rob, no the account is exclusively used for this purpose. Oh, something triggered with your comment. What I can do is use your commands to create a batch and specify it on a local policy.

One thing that I did not mention was that I have noticed that this happens when they reboot

I am a little bit scared to specify the credentials in clear text though
If the computers are using wireless. Forget any used wifi networks, to clear out credentials.
Also, check Task Scheduler for any tasks users may have setup.
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