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Does it worth it to upgrade Win 7 to 10?

Hi experts,

I have been thinking about the latest OS of Windows 10. I watched Microsoft doing a presentation of Windows 10 via Youtube, explaining the new features of the OS, etc.

I would like to ask, if its worth it for people to upgrade from their current OS (ie, 7, or 8) to 10.

How would this give an insights to a non computer literate if his/her machine gets updated to Windows 10.

Can someone elaborate on it whether its worthwhile to upgrade or not.

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Frankly, I am tempted but not worth it.  There are complaints on EE with driver incompatibilities and some software that used to work now it doesn't after the upgrade.  Too risky to upgrade at this time.  It's best if you wait until at least SP1 IMHO.

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so the bottom line is, we should upgrade to Windows 10? @wayne88 - you are saying that there is issue with drivers and program once you upgrade to WIndows 10.
Upgrades to Windows 10 are not seamless in my experience and this is because new drivers are required and some application re-installs are required.

I upgraded an older Windows 7 machine and Video did not work properly and no driver and Wireless did not work at all - no driver.  Not worth it.  If you can get modern drivers or cards, it might be worth it.

I upgraded a newer Windows 8.1 machine to Windows 10 successfully but it required 5 to 6 hours of remedial corrective work.  Worth it and I am using this machine now as a Windows 10 Pro 64-bit machine.
I think it is worth to upgrade, but I recommend to wait at least for the initial woes to be fixed.

Remember - you'll get it free over a period of 1 year ... there's not point in unneccessary haste.
There will be no service packs with Windows 10. Windows 10 is fast and I have some very old software working on it, Keep in mind that MS has made it relatively easy to revert back if you need to so you have that option too.
Hi all,

I have upgraded my windows 7 to 10 and have found absolutely no issues at all with the OS. I also found that all my softwares, drivers, etc are perfectly working. There is no need of re-installation etc. Everything is working fine.
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No problem at all with drivers, software. I
You asked if it was worth upgrading and we said it was worth upgrading.  Just because you did not have a problem does not mean you answered your question. You did not answer your question; we did.
I agree with John--you asked if it is worth upgrading and you got many insights into answering that, the pluses and the negatives.
Thank you John and Lionelmm. Yes, you all did. Appreciate your comment. Thank you.