SBS 2011 Shares Go Offline

Every few days or so the Shares and Redirected folders become unavailable to the users who had been logged on and were constantly accessing these same shares. Even from the sever when you go to Computer each share has a red X. I have to restart the server for the shares to become available once again.

On occasion when I logon to the server the desktop didn't load correctly, has a black background, and a quick message about not being able to connect to Windows Service without giving detail on which service. This also requires a restart.

I have removed WSUS because of an issue with it but that is the only change from the original setup. These problems started before this uninstall.

Nothing in the event log seem to stand out.
Bob AlvarezAsked:
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Casey WeaverManaged Services Windows Engineer IIICommented:
Removing anything from an SBS server can be risky, they are a carefully balanced box of chaos. I'm guessing that for some reason a service is crashing, but there's lots of them that can crash that will cause those symptoms. I recommend going to event viewer, hitting filter log, then selecting just Critical and Warning logs, and drop the source box down and select "Service". This should show you the services that have had issues, and if you match some times of day, you can probably find the pattern.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:

Check your running processes to see if anything irregular is hogging resources.  By default SQL and Exchange will take as much RAM as possible.

If you're able to log into the server when it happens then I would check your auto start services as well as the resources.

Have you checked all the event logs?  DNS etc
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
Is it best to reinstall WSUS from the original SBS 2011 installation disk or download the most recent version from Microsoft Download?
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David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Do it from the latest Microsoft Download.  The damage has already been done with the removal though.

Did you check the DNS Event logs etc?

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Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
The DNS event log has no errors just a warning about waiting on AD about waiting on the snyc of the directory.

I do not see any services hogging resources except those mentioned which is normal.
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
Looking at Services in the System event log I see system service like winmgmt and wuauserv hanging before others start hanging including Windows Update Service which terminated.
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
Attached is an extract from the system events. The beginning is right after a restart from the shares disconnecting. The end of the log is from when the update tried to run at night and caused the SharePoint messages to explode until the next morning when we restarted the server. They don't use SharePoint.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Hi can you check the attachment please.
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
Missed pressing the upload button last time.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
No worries.

Can you download and run the SBS best practice analyser and see if it brings up any errors.

Also, if you're not using share point can you disable the Sharepoint Services and the SQL service for it, just to see if it makes any difference.

Has any updates been installed since the problem has started?
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
How do you disable SharePoint?
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Just go into services.msc and disable the services referring to Sharepoint for now.  Take a note of what you disable so that you can re-enable later if needed.
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
BPA only lists warnings including one that says a WSUS GP is missing and a couple on Default Web SSL binding. The rest are less important.
David AtkinTechnical DirectorCommented:
Presuming that you don't have any other web sites in the server other than the default ones?

If you don't, can you run the Fix My Network Wizard from the SBS console and report back on the warnings / errors.  This should correct the IIS bindings.

Also, are your backups working ok?
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
First the good news... since disabling the SharePoint services that error has not returned.

When I went to reinstall WSUS it acted like it had not been installed and wanted to remove WSUS. I recalled having an error during the uninstall and manually completing the task. When I went ahead and let it try to uninstall it again had an error. This time I corrected the error and let it uninstall successfully.

When it uninstalled suddenly a number of updates were performed. I let it stay this way to see what would happen. No updates were applying and I still got my errors. I then went and installed WSUS. Most of my errors have now stopped except on Wednesday nights when it tried to do Windows updates it hangs the Update Service and my problem reoccurs.

So things are better but not corrected.
Bob AlvarezAuthor Commented:
The server is back running without errors. I had to manually recreate GPO for WSUS and then run the Windows Update Fixit wizard. With the Disabling of SharePoint those errors are gone.
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