Oracle - Employee's parent organization


I have an employee and I need to extract it's ancestor's organization.
he re are the two tables currently available:


for a given employee I like to extract the parent organization.

Thanks in advance
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you're going to have to do a little more work than that.

what are the columns of those tables and what are the relationships between them?
You need to provide more details, like what are the columns in those tables.

Generally, if you want to walk up or down a tree within a table (like employee has manager, so find the chain of managers up), you can use CONNECT BY PRIOR.

Here's a fair example of that:
shmzAuthor Commented:
assignment_id, organization_id,person_id
1122, 24, 12345

organization_id, name , effective_start_date , effective_end_date
24, ABC, 2014-01-01, 4712-12-31

organization_id, ancestor_tree_node_id, ancestor_organization_ID, distance,is_leaf
24 ,111111OBBB56, 72 , 3, Y
24, 1111B33444486, 19, 2, Y
24, 5555555555550, 30, 1, Y
24, 5555555555550, 24, 0, Y
24,   , 5, Y
24, 2332434545E8F, 64, 4, Y

so I like to know who is the ancestor organization for person_id: 12345

let me know if you need more details
You haven't explained the relationships.

I'm going to guess that a distance of 1 means that row is the parent of distance 0.

If so then try this...

select * from per_dept_tree_node_rf_v a, per_all_assignment p
where p.person_id = 12345
and a.organization_id = p.organization_id
and a.distance = 1;

or using join key word

select a.* from per_dept_tree_node_rf_v a inner join per_all_assignment p
on a.organization_id = p.organization_id
and a.distance = 1
where p.person_id = 12345;

if those don't work, please explain table relations and what you expect the result to be and I'll figure out the query to give you that result

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shmzAuthor Commented:
Thank you
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