Multiple Shared Mailboxes attached to Outlook 2010 VS Outlook 2013

Hi Experts,

In our organisation we have one or two teams that require the use of shared mailboxes in Outlook, we have been using Outlook 2010 up to this point but we recently upgraded the organisation to 2013 but we have noticed problems with Outlook 2013 and shared mailboxes.  They are as follows:

The way I have configured the Outlook setup is as follows:

User Outlook 2010/2013:

-User Primary mailbox
-Secondary Shared mailbox
-Third Shared mailbox
-For each shared mailbox users have been set to have both "Send as" and "Full Control" permission in exchange
-Also note that we have 7 users who share these two mailboxes
-all Office suites are up to date
-2 users are using Outlook 2010 and are working as intended
-The rest are using Outlook 2013

We are running exchange 2013...and each mailbox has been added as a separate email account in outlook, the reason for this is that when composing a new mail users want the "From" field to automatically populate with the mail address of the mailbox they have selected, however, this does not seem to be the case as users now have to physically select the "From" address where as this was not the case when using Outlook 2010.  In addition to that I have noticed that when testing sending mail from each shared mailbox that Outlook produces a "Send/Receive Error" and emails just sit in the outbox and are never sent (This error is seen in both Outlook 2010 and 2013), it is also important to note that we use the Mimecast Plugin in Outlook.  I have tested in both Outlook 2010 and 2013 and have noticed that Emails work in the correct fashion in Outlook 2010 as mentioned above, I am also aware that there is more that one way to add a shared exchange mailbox, however, the method I have mentioned above is the way which we need to add it.

So I would like to know if it is possible to have Outlook 2013 configured as I have mentioned above and get the desired functionality and if not is there a fix?

Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Quintin SmithAsked:
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Is Outlook fully patched?

The behaviour you are seeing is not what I would expect. I use Outlook 2013 in exactly the same way as you have outlined and it works correctly - with the from field populated automatically.

The plugin could be the cause - I have seen them cause a lot of problems so plugins are the first thing I go after.

Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
Good day,

I have checked the version of Outlook 2013 and believe we are using the latest version (

I will take a look at the the plugin angle and get back to you.

Many thanks,

Jarryd :)
Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
Hi There,

I have tested having the to shared mailboxes attached to two different versions of Outlook (2010 & 2013) in parallel, one with the plugins installed and the other without.  They both appear to be working correctly with regards to the auto population of the "From" field as well as the sent items going to their respective sent items folder.

It seems that once I corrected the problem with one user it replicated over to other users and is working correctly, it looks like this problem could be intermittent but I will keep an I on it.

Thanks for your input :)


Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
This problem was resolved by restricting FULL access permissions to the mailbox from multiple accounts and also by removing the additional mailbox from user profiles and adding it again with cache mode disabled.

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Quintin SmithAuthor Commented:
None of the solutions offered helped resolve this issues
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