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We have recently upgraded all our servers and workstations to Yosemite. Client logon to the apple domain.

Wen we configure the logged on user mailbox in Apple Mail, no problem. But wen we want to add an other account, the INFO mailbox (also located on the same server), it uses the logged on user credentials. Result: No matter witch user credentials used it uses the one from the logged on user.

In the Apple Mail account/advance setting the authentication method used is 'Kerberos'. This explains why the above is happening. When I change is manually to 'password'  next time I start Apple Mail it's back to Kerberos.

Has someone any idee to solve this? The objective is to have a user mailbox and the 'info' mailbox configured in Apple Mail.
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Problem Solved!

Server APP - Mail - Settings / Identity Control - Custom
Uncheck Keberos

Logout your clients and log back in. Problem solved.

Thanks Apple Enterprise Support
(They also had to look in to it, hadn't an answer straight away)

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