what is my whats app number

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what is my whatsapp phone number

I can not find this in 'settings'

I have a united states android phone with 3 gmail google voice accounts

I notice that my whatsapp contacts are from all gmail accounts

Is the whatsapp account always my cell phone phone number
or could I tell friends any of my google voice numbers

how to test
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WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Payment Info

You will get your registered number here,
Whatsapp uses the phone number last verified. Which is usually the same as the phone number tied to the SIM card.
If you input a new SIM card, Whatsapp wants to verify this. You can also skip this verification, and whatsapp WILL continue to work on the older SIM card phone number (although I'm not sure if Whatsapp will keep nagging you about it though).
In essence, disregard your Google Voice numbers, they're not part of this equation.
Just to add some answer to a part of your Question.

While creating a new contact, you generally get an option to select the account you would like to use. This could be either the Gmail account you are using or the local phone memory.

Whatever contacts you have saved under your Gmail account can be viewed by logging into Gmail and then selecting Contacts if you have set sync to On under Settings / Accounts / You Google Account.

For more info, you can read my article - http://www.experts-exchange.com/articles/18706/Backing-up-personal-data-on-your-Android-device-Part-1.html
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WhatsApp > Menu > Settings > Account > Payment Info

result is one of my google voice numbers
and not the phone device number
You once chose that number during whatsapp setup, and even completed the verification (probably waiting for that voice call). It is clearly your choice. If you want to change it, simply start the "change number" function in the settings > account menu).


thanks for advice on the one number I chose.

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