Keyboard has stopped working after upgrading to Windows 10


I upgraded to windows 10 at the weekend on my Samsung laptop. All went fine and everything worked okay.  Switched on today and the keyboard no longer works?!  Restarted, restored to previous point, uninstalled keyboard and re-installed all to no avail?

Plugged in USB keyboard, still no joy?  Anyone else have any ideas?  I could understand if it didn't work straight from the upgrade but was fine. Keyboard works in BIOS so I know it is functioning.
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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
I would try restoring to a much earlier point. Did you try Safe Mode?

Else a repair install of Windows.

Just check if your Laptop model  is supported by Samsung for Windows 10. If it appears in the unsupported models list, I would roll back to the previous OS immediately.

I know the keyboard is working in BIOS. Just double check with a live linux Cd like knoppix / Puppy linux / Ubuntu if you feel comfortable.
Nick_DAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your response. I can't really go back any further as I only upgraded at the weekend. I am just really puzzled as to why it did work and now isn't?  I could understand if it never worked at all?
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
A non-working keyboard locks you out of many troubleshooting options that you may probably understand.

Why it did not work, is a question which I may fail to answer. Just bite the bullet and think that all Upgrades don't go well (Since there are 1000's of permutations and combinations of hardware and software to deal with during an upgrade. If one goes wrong, then it is toast.)

Yes, it may have worked first. Just to give you the idea, Say Windows 10 installed a basic keyboard driver that worked fine. Then it found some additional keys on your keyboard & then it felt like replacing the keyboard driver including some important system files. This new keyboard driver messed up the installation.

Well, that's what I think & I may be wrong.

Until then, wait for someone else to bring up any ideas. I'll keep watching the Question & will post if I have anything more to say.
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Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Continuously Hit F8 while booting. If your keyboard is working at that time then, you should a basic Windows Boot Menu.

If yes, select last known good Configuration & test.
Nick_DAuthor Commented:
Do you think running sfc might be worthwhile to reset any system files that may have been changed?
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
I would try F8 first.

If possible by navigating with a mouse or using On Screen Keyboard, then give it a shot. What's to lose :-)
Nick_DAuthor Commented:
No joy still, tried all of the suggestions but no luck. Just spent over an hour with Windows support logged in and they had no idea either!  Spent 10 minutes trying to flog me an office 365 sub instead!!

Guess I will just have to roll back to 7 and see what state it is in then?  Will be really hacked off if for some bizarre reason the keyboard still does not work?!

Just weird that it was working and now has just stopped, could understand it more if it never worked at all??
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
There is no point in trying to get it working. A rollback would save your time as you have probably decided.

Did you check samsung if your laptop model  supports Windows 10?

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Nick_DAuthor Commented:
Rolled back to Win 7 and hey presto keyboard sprang back to life!  Pretty painless process and fairly quick too, at least this bit worked okay!  Will steer clear of 10 for now until it matures a bit, shame is it was more responsive and very easy on the eye and well laid out.

Thanks for all your input Ravi....
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