Installing BES Express Server 5.04 on Windows 2012 - "The setup application cannot connect to the database server that you specified"

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Hi guys,

I've started installing a BES express server on a Windows 2012 server. However, midway it comes up with an error ""The setup application cannot connect to the database server that you specified". I've attached a picture.

I've gone through this link: . I've checked everything on this link, other than the part where it says 'make sure field matches the BlackBerry Server Configuration tool on the Database Connectivity tab. If the value does not match, update the Database Connectivity tab within the BlackBerry Enterprise Server Configuration Tool'. I can't open the Bes Config tool as my installation isn't complete!

The BES Account I created has a mailbox and has the necessary permissions required. I don't understand what could be causing this.

I've attached some pictures. The problem is, I can't go forward as this error message completely halts everything and won't let me resume with the installation.

Any help would be fab guys

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Has the SQL Express actually installed on the server?

There should be no reason to change anything for a local installation unless you have something on the server blocking the connection.

5.0.4 installs an old version of SQL Express, you may want to check if it needs an update.



Sorry for the late response.  I managed to get this sorted out. It was because the Dymanic port was not selected. I had selected 'Static Port'.

Either way, it won't do me any good as there is a CAL and SRP I need. Neither of which I have:(

Thanks for helping

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