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I am trying to get information out of a file name and assign it to a variable using VBA, formula works. Can't get variable assignment to work

Dim InvDate As String
    Dim Ret As Variant

Ret is the result of an object that gets a file name.

Returned filename in Ret is: C:\Users\John Q. Public\Documents\CompanyDir\Name\LowVoltageProducts\Client\ComplianceMonitor\Cmdata\Inventory15-08-03.xlsx

The following formula gets the file date from the file name when using it in Excel. I want to save the date in a variable and copy name to another cell in a different worksheet.

Code crashes here:
InvDate.Formula = "= Right(Left(Ret, Find(""."", Ret, 20) - 1), 8)"

Error msg is "Invalid Qualifier" and InvDate is highlighted,
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Martin Liss
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Define invDate as "Range".
You've defined invdate as a string  so the .formula doesn't mean anything to VBA at that point

try InvDate  = Right(Left(Ret, Find(""."", Ret, 20) - 1), 8) - if you are trying to assign invdate as a string or define invdate as a range and give it a cell address if you are trying to put the formula into a sheet.
You can also these expressions:
String result:

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Datetime result:

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If the file name is coming from a filesystemobject, there are other ways of parsing the filename.
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When I try  InvDate = Right(Left(Ret, Find(""."", Ret, 20) - 1), 8)

I get a syntax error and the entire line is highlighted.
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Aikimark, there are two periods in the Ret filename which is why I used the Find and started at 20.
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That did it. Thanks! Is there some legend somewhere that lists what EXCEL functions work in VBA or what the VBA equivalents of EXCEL functions are?
That is why I used InstrRev() -- to search starting from the end of the string