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Windows 7 Lock Screen Password Field missing when Novell client is installed

I have an image that we deployed this year that is experiencing a problem that we have not had in the past.  The image is Windows 7 64 bit with the novell client installed.  When we lock the screen, no password field appears on the screen.  The only available button to click on is Switch User.  We can click on switch user and select the same user and enter the password to login.  We are trying to figure why the password field is not displayed when we lock the system initially.

When we uninstall the Novell client we are able to lock the system and the password field is displayed and working normally.  I have tried serveral novell clients (Novell Client 2 SP3 IR8 and IR 10) and (Novell Client 2 SP4).  

When we reinstall the Novell Client the problem reappears.

I have tried the following reg key that I found on a similar post to our problem, but did not work for me.
After searching and searching and searching, this seems to have done the trick for me:
The post link is
They are having the same issue without the novell client installed.

We have tried changing the Unlock Workstation Credentials in the novell client but that did not work.

We are not using any windows policies.

We have many other images at our university that are NOT experiencing this issue.  The problem is that this image is what was used for our asset management for the current year and has been deployed to 25 percent of computers on campus.   FYI , we build the image on Dell's site and the computers come delivered with the image on them from Dell.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank You.
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Davis McCarn
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This guy is having the same problem:

Just a thought; but, why not use Microsoft's Novell client rather than Novell's?
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If you are referring to the "Microsoft client service for Netware", it does not exist in windows 7.

Also, we are using Suse Linux .  SLES 11 sp3, OES 11 sp2.
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Working with Novell support we were able to pinpoint the file that was causing the problem and fix the file.