EMail being bounced by even though domain is not on any blacklists.

Any email sent from client domain to any recipient address at  is being immediately bounced. posts that they use two third-party blacklists
Composite Block List -
Spamhaus -
They state:
Optimum Online will not accept:
E-mail transactions from IP addresses that appear on any of the block lists Optimum Online uses.
Connections from unsecured e-mail servers

I checked the IP addresses of the computers that send the messages, the domain name, and several of the senders that Intermedia uses.
I assume that an enterprise as large as Intermedia definitely has secured e-mail servers.

One of the intended recipients said that he contacted Optimum support, and they told him to put the domain on his personal whitelist, and that this allowed him to receive email from the domain.

This is inconvenient, naturally. Several of the recipients don't know (or don't feel like) changing their spam settings.

Could there be a setting at that, for whatever reason, has blocked the domain, in spite of what the current rating is from SpamHaus and the composite block list?

How do I contact to remove the block?


The message from opt is usually similar to: rejected your message to the following e-mail addresses:

Herb Fxxxxxxxxxx ( <> gave this error:
Spam detected by content scanner.  Message rejected.  
Your message wasn't delivered due to a permission or security issue. It may have been rejected by a moderator, the address may only accept e-mail from certain senders, or another restriction may be preventing delivery.

Diagnostic information for administrators:
Generating server: exch027.domain.local #554 5.7.1 Spam detected by content scanner.  Message rejected.  ##
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Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
The error message indicates that the message has been blocked by the content scanner. That would suggest there is an issue with the content, rather than the host.
Images in a signature, stationary etc are the usual culprits here.


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computerlarryAuthor Commented:
If one line of text is sent without signature from Outlook Web Access, the message still gets bounced. The bounce message still is the same.

I called Optimum Online and was fortunate to get a tech who moved the issue up one level of tech support.
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Go to , type in your domain name, click the MX Lookup button and, once it displays your MX ip, click the Blacklist check link.  It will scan and show you the results from 94 blacklisting companies and; hopefully, point you in a direction for solution.
Unless you have a completely web exposed and public ip address for the mail server, you have probably been checking a wrong one.
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computerlarryAuthor Commented:
Two appreciated suggestions.  I ended up calling Optimum Online, got a good tech on the phone, confirmed the problem, and request was escalated to higher level support at Optimum.
C BayCommented:
What did the Higher Level techs do to resolve your problem?   I too am getting all email I send to optonline recipients rejected with error:
554 5.7.1 Spam detected by content scanner.  Message rejected.

Ronald RiceCPA techwriterCommented:
I have received this message about 10 different time frames (episodes) for over 2 years Now. Optimum Support is usually responsive, but they always START the converstaion, by Pointing to MS Outlook, and say Call MS. Yea, like that is gonna help. :)
After pressing for ESCALATION to the Optim. Shared Services, I usually get a SR Tech that resets my ISP Domain
address like 167.206.4.xx

I have never had Optimum support say "put an embedded email Address or website link domain on his personal whitelist".
HOW Do you do that in Outlook 2007 for a home network??
Above comment says that this allowed him to receive email from the domain.

I may help if you run an Blacklist check on sites like MxToolbox, but this only showed me 2 related Phantom Blacklist sites that do not really count as blacklists per my further research.

My biggest issue with Optimum support is that they usually do NOT tell me who or WHAT supposedly caused my SPAM detected error:
            550 5.7.1 Spam detected by content scanner.  Message rejected.

In Outlook 2007, the email appears in the SENT folder, but it does NOT go out. (to further Confuse us!)
TODAY (and this Episode) I am sending a Blank email with NO subject line, and I STILL get this dreaded 550 SPAM error message.
It is SO Frustrating, it is almost enough to make me use GMAIL altho I have grown to love all the extra features of Outlook over the last 15 years.
ANY HELP would be most appreciated.
Thanks, Ron
Ronald RiceCPA techwriterCommented:
Thanks. This is usually helpful, but even after I follow all the above Tips, I STILL have this very frustrating error. Please see all my details for Outlook 2007 550 SPAM error msg below. Thank you and I hope you can post some MORE helpful Tips.
---" issue with the content, rather than the host.  Images in a signature, stationary etc are the usual culprits here. "
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