aeomi partition assistant server edition

Hi, just purchased last week partition assistant server edition from aeomi and for some reason never got license for it so cant use the product fully.  Tried calling digital river which is what showed up on credit card charge but they cant find the order number and also aeomi themselves have no record of the transaction so looks like we are out of luck.  My question is i am thinking of downloading the free edition of partition assistant which is the "Lite" edition and supposedly can still resize the system partition on a windows 2008 server so that we can regain some much needed space on the c drive.  Does anyone know if this edition really will work?  thanks
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You don't need any 3rd party tools to resize partitions in your OS. You can do the directly from within diskmanagement. When you click on the partition you want to resize, just either select "Shrink-" or "Extend Volume".

If of course there is another partition right after C:, then that won't work, you'd have to shrink that other partition first, then move it towards the end of the disk so you get the free, unpartitioned space right after C:. The shrinking part you can do with onboard tools, but not the moving part. But you could still just backup D:, then delete D:, and after that extend C:, and then restore your backup to a new D: you create.

Another option would be to use GParted, which is free and OpenSource, and works on Server OS's, it just needs to recognize the RAID controller properly, which is very likely as most controller's drivers are included in most Linux Distro's and work out-of the box. You'll find GParted on the PCRepix LiveDVD:

The best course of action though would be to make sure that your C: partition is properly cleaned up, and only OS stuff on there. If you are using 2008 r2 server (that isn't clear from your Question), then you can install the desktop experience or themes feature, and also the following KB:

After that you can use the cleanup wizard to clean out everything unneeded from C:. Also delete the contents of C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Downloads. This will free up plenty of space. But this only works for the r2 version of 2008 server.

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dankyle67Author Commented:
Good suggestions, will try to clean up first which i had done last few weeks by uninstalling some big programs.  When you right click c drive and choose cleanup isnt this same thing as cleanup wizard?
dankyle67Author Commented:
yes using 2008r2
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Yes, but the kb is required to cleanup windows updates which are in the winsxs folder. That will usually free up several GB.
dankyle67Author Commented:
thats probably why i couldnt see the windows updates option in disk cleanup.  I will try using the kb.  Is it safe to clear things from winsxs folder?  I kept seeing things that said to not delete anything from it but im assuming that by using the kb it will safely delete unecessary update files the correct way
It is only safe if you use the cleanup wizard together with the kb.
dankyle67Author Commented:
got it thanks
dankyle67Author Commented:
So i installed the kb and ran cleanmgr and this time i saw windows update cleanup which was nearly 4gig so i went ahead and told it to delete and when i got back to server desktop it seemed like it did it really quickly, almost too quickly and when i checked free space it still didnt recapture any of the 4g so reran cleanmgr and this time it only showed like 400mb to clear so not sure what happened in the process.  Got all excited that this was the silver bullet and now not sure what happened.  Any thoughts?
dankyle67Author Commented:
Wondering if server needs a reboot for space to be recovered properly.  Will try that tonite when users are off just in case
Reboots can always be like wonders.
>>  Tried calling digital river which is what showed up on credit card charge but they cant find the order number and also aeomi themselves have no record of the transaction  <<  surely you can show them your bank payment?
dankyle67Author Commented:
After the restart of the server, got worried at first since i was getting message windows module updates were being loaded and it took some time so i assume this was because the winsxs folder had all those updates deleted thru cleanup mgr was trying to adjust itself but it came up and all good now.  Got back 4g of space which is all i need for now.  At least down the road i will be able to keep on top of the growing windows updates by using the cleanup mgr.  thanks for all the help.
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