Is it possible to move my Windows 10 upgrade to another system?

I signed up for the Microsoft windows 10 insider program from my Windows 7 environment. Consequently, Microsoft wants to upgrade Windows 7. However, my Windows 7 environment is my production environment and I don't want to upgrade it. I do have a licensed version of Windows 8.1 running in a virtual machine. I would prefer updating it instead. Is there a way I can "move" the upgrade from my Windows 7 system to the Windows 8 system?
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When you said "move", did you mean to also make the Windows 8.1 eligible for W10 free upgrade?  If you have all the Windows updates for 8.1 then it should prompt your to reserve your copy of W10 automatically unless if your computer is part of domain.

You can also download and upgrade to W10 using ISO file here:
JohnBusiness Consultant (Owner)Commented:
You do not have to "move" the upgrade. Go to the licensed Windows 8.1 virtual machine and use the Get Windows 10 icon and upgrade it. That is fine even in addition to the upgrade to the Windows 7 machine. If the Icon is not there, go to the Microsoft link below, download the ISO and upgrade.    which I have used

Apologies to all that my "paste" did not work the first time.
If your computer is part of the domain then the Windows 10 upgrade/updates are not downloaded automatically.  There was some discussion on this here in EE.
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The upgrade flag doesn't have anything to do with your insider preview subscription. With the subscription you could upgrade the PC on which you installed Windows 10 TP to the fully licensed version for free (actually it should do that automatically, and probably even before it was officially released on the 29th of July, via Windows updates.).

The upgrade flag you get in your Windows 7 OS is what you get automatically on all PC's that have a qualifying OS installed, and has nothing to do with the Insider preview. You can opt to get the upgrade, or not. If you opt for the upgrade, and allow it, a backup of your old OS is made, and if you don't want the new OS after that, you can restore the old OS easily for as long as a month after the upgrade.

A PC that you have upgraded to Windows 10, you can't move the license of windows 10 to another PC. It is similar to OEM and bound to the PC you upgraded on.
☠ MASQ ☠Commented: it just depends on whether your 8.1 VM install is eligible for upgrade (not an Enterprise/VL), then mount the upgrade .iso and run Setup from witihn 8.1
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
"... Is it possible to move my Windows 10 upgrade to another system? " ==>  As should be clear from what's already been said, the answer to your question is NO.    The free upgrades are tied to the system they're offered on ... AFTER you've done the upgrade, you can later do a clean install ON THAT SYSTEM and it will activate okay, but you can't move that upgrade to a different system.

HOWEVER ... since EVERY non-VL Windows 7 and Wndows 8 system is eligible for a free upgrade, you should be able to simply upgrade your VM by simply running the Microsoft Media Creation tool on that system.

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babyb00merAuthor Commented:
Ultimately I used the media creation tool as suggested by the response from Garycase. It worked like a charm!
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