Help in mergin two excel sheet and finding the difference.

Hello All,
Working on an excel problem any help would be appreciated. I have two excel workbooks. WorkbookA and WorkbookB both of them have one spreadsheet with similar data. 1st requirement is to merge them group by patient ID and Event Name  and 2nd requirement is to find the difference if its there in each cell and highlight it. Please find the attachment for additional information.  I have them all in one excel workbook.

Thanks in advance.
Milind AgarwalAsked:
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Milind AgarwalAuthor Commented:
Some logic in comparison part
    Dim varSheetA As Variant
    Dim varSheetB As Variant
    Dim strRangeToCheck As String
    Dim iRow As Long
    Dim iCol As Long

 For iRow = LBound(varSheetA, 1) To UBound(varSheetA, 1)
        For iCol = LBound(varSheetA, 2) To UBound(varSheetA, 2)
            If varSheetA(iRow, iCol) = varSheetB(iRow, iCol) Then
             End If
        Next iCol
    Next iRow

End Sub
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
1. how do you want the merged worksheet to look ?  just join them all together ?

2. you indicated this is the first priority but then want to do a comparison ?  Is character case of concern ?

3. perhaps you mean..
   a. merge worksheets
   b. sort by PatientID, EventName , OnsetDate
   c. hightlight adjacent rows where the above sort items are the same ?
Milind AgarwalAuthor Commented:
The merged worksheet should look like the template sheet3 that I have in attachment. Considering Sheet1 as one workbook and sheet2 is another one. Sheet3 represents the merged one. I can do this easily in SQL but Macro isnt my area of expertise. Thanks
Robberbaron (robr)Commented:
trial attached, along with my test sources.

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