How can I browse the tree format of topics when asking a question?

Missus Miss_Sellaneus
Missus Miss_Sellaneus used Ask the Experts™
I just asked a question for the first time in 2 months or more and there's no way to go through a topic tree to select topics the way there was in the past. All I can do is search topics. I have no way of knowing if I'm finding the best topics without the tree selection.

I also see that when I just go to topics to browse topics (outside of asking a question), it just gives me a few topics on each page.. there's no structure to it at all!

What gives?

(I can't even find the correct forum to post this question in! I searched for community and for "Experts Exchange".)
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They say it's easy enough to get used to.
My view is that it should be easy to use and nobody should have to get used to anything.
I've been telling them but they don't seem to be listening.
There is a Discussion thread/area thing to raise bugs in. It replaces community support, if they'd named it well I would be able to remember it and tell you here, but unfortunately it's gone the same way as a sensible tree structure.
Wishing you luck with your search.
LOL.. thanks.
This is 8n that area, I think you can pop up one level and add a discussion which is the same as a question but it's hidden away and doesn't have points.

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