batch file grabs remote files

So i would like a batch file that will allow a computer to connect to a remote computer grab the continence of a file folder and disconnect every 6 hours, was hoping to use robocopy for the grab.
would like to encrypt the data over the pipeline and i do not want to set up a VPN. however port forwarding would be acceptable.
what are my options? and what steps will i need to take to set this up at each site?
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NVITEnd-user supportCommented:
You can use a scheduled task that runs robocopy every 6 hours.
If you are on Active Directory, you can setup a GPP User Preference Scheduled Task to deploy across the site.
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
yes i am aware of windows task scheduler. no i do not have active directory on in my domain, the remote pc is currently the only pc in another town, and it is using a different web provider. it is a backup sight..
does robocopy use a port that differs from windows file copy?
if i can simply have a port open to use the "Netuse" command that would be handy, however the syntax for the Netuse command i have a little trouble with.
primary sight is using a domain, however the remote pc is merely a trust sight....
Bryant SchaperCommented:
Take a look at watch directory.
csePixelatedAuthor Commented:
watch directory looks neat, but that does not answer my over all question, it does monitor an ftp and allow for immediate transfer, however i want to setup either a FTPS or a step by step of how to set up active directory  to work over the cloud, at this point of time i am willing to consider an IP tunnelling solution!
Giovanni HewardCommented:
Robocopy is designed to be used on a LAN.  You could use it to copy from a remote site as long as the two sites were connected via VPN, WAN, or some other dedicated link.  So you need 1) a dedicated link between the sites, or 2) host a server which is accessible at one site from the other or 3) use a cloud provider.   A SFTP/FTPS server would work and provide encryption in transit.  A good client to use (no scripting required) would be GoodSync.  That being said, the easiest solution would be to configure cloud storage which syncs between shared folders (DropBox, etc.), so no need to configure firewalls, etc.

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