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I have the following program in R: It plots a graph. I want to include a functionality such that whenever I hover over the points on my graph I am able to view the information associated with each of the points.

Data = read.csv(file = "data.csv", 
                header = TRUE, sep = ",")
OAS = matrix(Data[1])
OASD = matrix(Data[2])
#reg1 <- lm(as.matrix(OAS)~as.matrix(OASD))
reg1 <- lm(as.matrix(Data[1])~as.matrix(Data[2]))
plot(t(Data[2]), t(Data[1]),main="OAS vs OASD",xlab="OASD", ylab="OAS")
text(Data$class3, Data$class4, Data$Maturity.Date)

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Matthew RichardsonProduct CoordinatorCommented:
I've never seen it done where you can hover over a point and get an immediate popup with the result unless you use a in-depth graphics package that included interactive plotting, because it sounds like you don't want all the values showing.

Have you tried using the built in "identify" function included in R's graphics package? I put together what I think would work for your dataset:
identify(t(Data[2], t(Data[1], labels=row.names(Data))
coords <- locator(type="l") 

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This will make a list with the coordinates that you could make into a data frame if that is what you wanted. Not sure what your intended purpose is with the information but you could label the graph with something different, I just chose the row names of your data set.

Alternatively, you could use this function:
identifyPch <- function(x, y = NULL, n = length(x), pch = 19, ...)
  xy <- xy.coords(x, y); x <- xy$x; y <- xy$y
  sel <- rep(FALSE, length(x)); res <- integer(0)
  while(sum(sel) < n) {
    ans <- identify(x[!sel], y[!sel], n = 1, plot = FALSE, ...)
    if(!length(ans)) break
    ans <- which(!sel)[ans]
    points(x[ans], y[ans], pch = pch)
    sel[ans] <- TRUE
    res <- c(res, ans)

identifyPch(t(Data[2], t(Data[1])

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Which would automatically return the list of points you selected while also seeing which one's were selected if you don't want anything appearing on the graph itself.

Let me know if that is something like what you are looking for.

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camper12Author Commented:
Hi Matthew,

I am trying to incorporate a tooltip: something like given in

However, when I do the following

install_github('rCharts', 'ramnathv')

I get an error

Downloading github repo ramnathv/rCharts@master
Error in curl::curl_fetch_memory(url, handle = handle) :
  Timeout was reached

Any idea how I can resolve this?

Matthew RichardsonProduct CoordinatorCommented:
I just tried downloading it myself the way their website says and it worked for me.  It sounds like an issue with one of the dependency packages from "devtools" is incomplete.  

Try reinstalling the "devtools" package and all its dependencies:
install_github('rCharts', 'ramnathv')

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And see if that helps.  I was able to use their first and second examples just fine doing that.
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camper12Author Commented:
Installed devtools again including dependencies. I still get the same error.
Matthew RichardsonProduct CoordinatorCommented:
Try putting this line of code before the install code:

options(download.file.method = "wininet")
camper12Author Commented:
Tried this. Still does not work.
Matthew RichardsonProduct CoordinatorCommented:
You might be behind firewall and need to use proxy settings from 'httr' package?

Fingers crossed...

set_config( config( ssl_verifypeer = 0L ) )
camper12Author Commented:
Tried it. Still get the same error. The proxy maybe the cause. I am looking into it.
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