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Office 365 DNS records on internal domain

My internal domain is  Our email is hosted with Office 365.  My external DNS is correct, do I need an MX record and autodiscovery on the internal side?  The reason I ask, is I currently do, but using my local DNS takes autodiscovery forever, like 10-15 minutes.  If I switch my DNS to Google, it's almost instant.  Thanks
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Jorge Diaz
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since you have the same domain name on the private and public network i'd create all office 365 dns records (cname and MX) in your internal dns zone.

i'm surprise autodiscovery takes so long in your internal network, before creating anything i would make sure i have one of the registrar's dns server in as a forwarder in your internal network.
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That's what I understood too.  So I currently have internal records cname and mx.  I forward my DNS to google.  It's crazy, I can override the DNS settings on the nic, put in and it finishes in less than two minutes, leave my default DNS and it takes like 15 minutes.  It's either gotta be a DNS issue or a firewall issue...I think.  :(
just curious, can you verify the record on your internal servers by doing an nslookup to the host names.
Yes, I can nslookup internally and it responds fast.  I've triple checked the records match.  I just don't know.
this is one of those issues where i would fire up wireshark to analyze traffic. you can see what servers, and the server responses are when the client is trying to contact them.
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Mark Galvin
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Thanks, that seemed to fix it.