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Word Freezing white back ground \ DM CACHE SERVER

Hi Experts,

We have two offices NY & LA. We setup a Hummingbird DM cache server in LA with the main DM server in NY. Were experiencing issues with word 2013 freezing issues with a white background. Once we end word, the user is able to work again. The freezing happens consistently but randomly daily and results in loss of work. If happens during the middle of editing documents, lvg pc and returning, having word docs open and working in outlook or another program.

The way the cache server works - for the first time user access the document it pulls it from NY and then caches it locally in LA, then it will do a check between sites for any updates.

Were not sure if its word independently or connecting to DM Cache server.

Steps we have taken so far. Patched workstation and Server. Uninstalled reinstalled repaired word, deleted registry settings for word. Recreated windows profile.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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