URGENT : Internet Connection Keeps Dropping

Hi Experts, my internet connection at Work keeps dropping. We are using an ADSL line. I contacted the ISP, they did initial checks and advised that they changed some corroded wire this morning...but the problem persists...WHAT can I do to troubleshoot or rule out that is it not a problem at my servers.

Thank you for your help
Snowbella KilangitAsked:
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one thing to make sure there is no unfiltered nphone/fax device on that line.
an unfiltered phone, device on the adsl line will manifest a connection drop.  are you able to login into the ADSL adapter/modem/router to see the status/events reported there?

is this a recent implementation/change?

I.e line recorder that is missing the filter.
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
We use that line for both voice and data...Could this be the problem?
yes, only when a voice device is unfiltered, missing the line filter.
solely for illustration purposes:

the device is a filter of all signals above 20KBHz
noise in the higher range will interfere with the DSL signaling leading to drops.
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Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
The Modem/Router is set in bridge mode and I cannot seem to get into its web interface. Is there a work around to this?
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Disconnect from internet.

In the Run dialog box,

Enter ipconfig /all and hit enter

Any entry that is lists a value of default gateway is your modem's ip address

If you have not configured anything in your modem (as apparent from your post) then

Open your webbrowser and type in the gateway address preceeded by http://

Say it is

Then type in and hit enter

You will be greeted with a dialog box asking for username / password

Use admin / admin or admin / password and it should let you in the modem web interface. If it fails then consult your modem's documentation or google using its model number.

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Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Thank you Ravi got the Default Gateway IP and attempts to load the web interface takes me to the Firewall...
Bryant SchaperCommented:
Did the carrier have any further comment?  While not being filtered will cause problems I find old copper is more likely. They should be able to see up until it hits your router. They should be able to see the modem as well and can verify uptime. Ideally I would just say to disconnect everything from it so only the modem is on the DSL line and see if it drops.

How old is the modem?
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
Default Gateway IP and attempts to load the web interface takes me to the Firewall...

If you are comfortable, please post screenshots of what you are seeing.

Since you are at work, access to the modem maybe limited by the firewall which maybe routing / limiting the webtraffic.

Other than direct access to the modem using your PC Ethernet connection, I don't think we will be able to go much further.
did you power off/on the router yet?
due to the problems, it can be hung in a bad state
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Bryant : The first response from the ISP was that there was a "Duplicate Hanging Session which caused the authentication process to fail...so they reset that at their end and I powered off and on the modem router and then it connected ok...BUT kept dropping so I called them again and they did line tests and found a corroded wire so changed that...connected but kept dropping...
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Ravi...the screen shot basically shows the web interface login page for the firewall. I have connected my laptop directly to the modem...what would be the next step?
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Nobus: Yes I have powered off and on the modem a couple of times already...still the same problem
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
There are many designs of modems.

Some incorporate router and firewall capabilities within them and so are just not plain modems as referred to.

I don't know how you are seeing the firewall login interface if you are directly connected to the modem.

Maybe your device has been setup differently and I doubt that the device which you are currently referring to is even a modem at all.

Please don't get me wrong but I am stumped on this one.
When you setup the device in bridge mode, there was a section dealing with giving the device name by which it will be accessible if needed.
The other option is to use the USB port on the modem to connect a laptop to it.

Have you traced all the phones/faxes devices that are also on the DSL line?
Have there been any new phones connected?
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
It pays to be careful when one says: "my internet connection keeps dropping".  
What, exactly, does that mean?
- the DSL light on the modem goes out or starts blinking (blinking indicating that it's trying to connect).
- can't open web pages
- aren't getting DNS
- can't get email from outside server
- can't ping well-known sites like Google or Yahoo.

So, assuming it could be something that's NOT the ADSL connection itself, I would encourage you to run a traceroute to some known URL and/ or some known IP address.
For example, you might do this from the command line:
tracert www.google.com
the result of this will tell you where the path is broken.  The last response is the from the device at the hop just before the "break".  So, if your internal router is the last responder then the ADSL connection is broken.  
If you use a URL then you should get an IP address first thing.  If you don't then the DNS is broken.
If you use an IP address then it should just proceed.
PING works the same way in this regard but doesn't give you the path from end to end.
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Ravi...apologies, I know you are only trying to help and I appreciate that. I should not have written my response that way I know it confused your line of thought. I was able to connect my laptop direct to the modem and get its configurations...this answered my request for assistance to get to the modem's web interface (REF: Comment ID 40925447)...thank you!
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Arnold: The device does not have a name. I was able to connect to the device using its USB port. Thank you

No new devices connected.

However the ADSL line is also used for Voice.
Ravi AgrawalCommented:
No problem, pal. It is very nice of you to speak so gently. It keeps up the spirit at EE.

Cheers !!
Snowbella KilangitAuthor Commented:
Fred, its all of the above. Since it first dropped I have been running a ping -t on google and then it gives me the following1.jpg
Will wait for the connection to drop again and then do the Tracert.

Ran Tracert while there is internet connection...there are no breaks
Fred MarshallPrincipalCommented:
OK.  So the firewall appears to be the last good device.  What follows the firewall in the path?

It will be good to see the traceroute too!
When you are connected to the modem via USB, what status is it reporting, does it show that it is frequently reset. Speeds up/down match your contracted info?


the response you get is normal as most firms do not allow their routers/devices to respond to ping/icmp/echo packet requests from outside an authorized group within their segments.

If the indication on the modem side is that the connection is stable, double check what name servers you have setup on the router (following your ADSL modem)? If you entered it manually versus being assigned name servers by the provider, double check that you are using the correct for the provider.

nothing new connect, have any changes/wiring changes made to the voice side on this line? Double check all the phones/faxes to make sure they have a filter on their line when they share the ADSL connection.
the phones you have are regular ones, or do you have VOIP/IP phones that get data via the ADSL connection (IP based)  
If VOIP traffic is how you have voice, Voice is prioritized to avoid issues, it is possible that your voice maxing out your ADSL feed.

In this situation, does your inability to access internet resources coincides with many people being on the phone?
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