Windows Server 2008 R2 RDP doesn't work

Jaroslav Latal
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Dear Expert,

I had serveral phone calls about not working RDP to Server 2008 R2 since this morning.
For example server SRV-TEST. I can ping to and from SRV-TEST. I cannot use RDP to connect to the server. I did not install updates yesterday.

- restart of SRV-TEST did not help
- restart of router did not help-
- I can use RDP from SRV-TEST
- I cannot TDP to SRV-TEST internally nor externally (NAT)
- ping works fine both directions, I can browse file shares on

Do you have some tip?

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First step - Check if the server is listening on port 3389.  Use Netstat -nat to verify that tehre is a Local Address of as shown in the following screenshot:

If this does appear, then check the firewall rules to ensure that you have allowed Remote Desktop

If this is also good, then check your network adapters on the server to ensure that it hasn't accidentally slipped into "Public", and that it is either Domain or Private.

Of course, you need to have physical access to your server to check all of the above.  If this is a virtual server, then use the relavant virtual machine console to view the server - since RDP does not work.  If you are unable to connect to the server (physically not possible), then reboot the server using the following command line:

shutdown -r -t 1 -m

Let us know how you get on.

P.S. I know my screenshots are done from Windows 2012 R2 but the information is still valid for Windows 2008/2008 R2


Hi Lester,

netstat -net shows "lsitening", same as on your printscreen.
I double checked firewall, it is also OK. (finally I turned firewall off)
Server is not in public network.

I found strange behavior. When I try to connect million times, it works for one of million connection). When I disconect the session, I'm unable to connect again. Maybe another million attempts will help...

Very odd behaviour... Not sure what to suggest anymore :)


It was some kind of DOS.

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