ping could not find Hostname


Due to problem with one of DC, I have re-build new DC on VMware.  it is Server 2003  join it to domain, configure the DNS forward lookup zone on it. But I have problem I cannot ping the server using host name from any of  other DC.

it comes up with following error.

Ping could not find the host ( server name)  please check the name and try again.

please help how to fix this DNS issue.

Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Asked:
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Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
First, make sure you have connectivity with your DNS servers. Ping them.

Also, make sure you have configured the DNS (client, in the network Interface properties) in this particular DC correctly pointing to a valid host with dynamic updates enabled in the domain zone.

Allow dynamic updates

You can also check if you have DNS connectivity from this DC by using nslookup. Open a command prompt and type:

server <type here the IP address of one of your DNS server) (this is a test query for an existing host)

You should get an IP Address in return. Make sure it's the correct one for the test host.

If cant do that, check if there is a firewall between your new DC and your DNS server. You should not have one.

If everything I said is working fine, restart netlogon to force a full registration of your domain controller in the DNS server.

Get back to us and tell how it's going.
Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Author Commented:

I have checked all these setting mention and  I can ping all DC by name form new server but on  other server when I try to ping new build server for other DC in forest it comes up. ping could not find host name.

Question. Do I need to create reverse lookup zone as well on my new server . because it is not created yet.

Amitabh SinghAWS Certified Solution Architect | L3 IT Specialist for CloudCommented:
reverse lookup is helpful when you resolve from ip to hostname , but this will not helpful in your case , i request you to create "A Host record" on your top level DNS and that will resolve the issue or you need to set-up DNS forwarding in your network .

For more info have a look to the link below
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Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Just a guess. The clock and time zone are in sync in the new domain controller? I am wondering why you cant update the dns record automatically. Can you connect to other domain members from this DC using \\otherdc, for example.
I would probably recommend starting over.
Get to the point where the new server is just a member server of the domain, without having DNS installed or being a DC.
Make sure the NIC settings on this new server point only to the existing DC/DNS.  When you promote this new server to be a DC and install DNS you should not have to create the forward lookup zone manually on this new server.  When using AD integrated zones (which you should be), the zone will replicate automatically.  After a while, check to make sure the zones have replicated.  At that point you can adjust the NIC settings to include itself for DNS (if in the same site, I recommend pointing to another DNS/DC as preferred, and itself as alternate).
Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Author Commented:
Hello Guys,

All suggestion  are very use full I am still working on still but current issue is now after changing the DNS record entries I can ping any of DC with forest and even across forest.  not its start  causing issue that
Sysvol folder is empty it is not replicating record properly.

please advice.

Renato Montenegro RusticiIT SpecialistCommented:
Maybe starting over will help you better. It seems like your DC is not fully functional. You can try to send us an output of DCDIAG and NETDIAG, but it's probably easier to start over.
Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Author Commented:
Hello Guys,

I have re-build the server from scratch and configured.  looking how is behaviour and will post if any problem

Asif NaeemSr. System Administrator ( Wintel & UNIX (AIX) Author Commented:

After re-building this server and re-configuring it is working fine now

Thanks all expert advice.


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Glad it's working for you.  Please go ahead and close the question.
Not sure why you accepted your own post as the answer when you did as I suggested.
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