Possible to create a web page from an XLSM file?

Hi all.
A user here created a pretty complicated macro-enabled spreadsheet and was wondering how it could be made into a webpage that users can fill out, etc.
Is something like this even possible?
I realize there is probably a lot to it but I'm just looking to see if it's possible.
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The examples posted above might convert the sheets into a workable web page but its unlikely they will take the users macros and swap the VB for javascript or other web enabled language (I may be wrong because I've never tried them).

Getting the 'front end' sorted out is obviously one important step but the additional work to code the back end functions so it works like excel will be dependent on exactly what his macros do and to what extent they interact with Excel - for example: making a total for a column would be relatively easy but implementing a format change or column sizing, or loops or access to the excel object model will be less so.

If this is a commercial application you may be better using the Workbook as a prototype and asking a professional to deliver it to you, especially if the data needs to be stored and accessed in some way.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
Yeah I tried using the links mentioned but they don't work properly (for what I'm trying to do).
It would be for a commercial application so it's probably best I look for a professional.  I don't really know where to find one though...
I doubt you will have a problem finding someone local if you ask around.

To minimise the cost I would document as much of the functionality that you need as possible up-front and be absolutely clear about what's important to you and (especially) how you are going to test the result. If you have a really good requirement definition and a clear set of acceptance criteria you could consider getting it done off-shore (Romania are very good, also India and New Zealand).  The other element you will need to consider is where its going to be hosted, unless you have the infrastructure in-house, then the choice of hosting partner will affect your design (eg: choice between LAMP vs WINTEL is a key one and may be affected by your company policies and your chosen provider needs to be aware of what they need to deliver to).

There are a lot of websites dedicated to finding people to assist and your local better business bureau would also be helpful - (I *think* that's the equivalent of chamber of commerce in the UK).  but like anything else you can't beat recommendations from a friend and there are several experts on here who are available for hire - or who will be able to recommend someone local.

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1. Is there a back end database involved, and if so what is it. If not, are the results being saved or just used for display to the user?

2. Where would you host the web page? If in house, what resources are available?

3. What does it do, and how heavy is the usage?

4. Is it a proprietary application?

Also, before you consider rewriting the application have you simply tried saving it as a web page directly from excel, and see how that works? From "Save As" select "other Formats", then from the drop down for Type pick a web page.
homerslmpsonAuthor Commented:
1 - Not yet. There would likely be some type of simple database setup locally. I can get more information from my coworker (the one who created the form).
2 - We have a website hosted through Lunarpages. All the stuff that's included in basic web hosting would be available to use.
3 - The goal is to allow external field employees to order (directly from us) whatever duct/fittings they need (we are a sheet metal company).  From there I believe the creator of the form would like to allow outside companies to use the same form to order what they'd like.  It basically does calculations based on the type of metal/fittings/openings/etc the user chooses.
4 - It's a spreadsheet that was made internally. Not sure if you could consider it an "application" though.

And I tried saving the spreadsheet as HTML directly from within Excel but there is no way to edit the fields when viewing it on the web (it looks good visually).
My contact info is on my profile, and the Hire Me is enabled. Please contact me offline via the suggested method if you would like to disuss this privately.
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