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laptop speed

all laptops try to throttle the speed down - in order to conserve energy
my question is : what are the best - safe ways to inhibit this throttling down ?
of course  -  if my batttery is then low after 1/2 hour, i can't complain
so, in other words,  - how do i run the laptop at max speed
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Gary Case
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Set Power Plan on laptop to High Performance defaults are:
- min processor 100%
- max processor 100%
or create custom Power Plan according to your needs.
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so there is no setting required for cpu, cores, threads etc..?
i know that power setting - just thought there were some more  "tweaks"
For power settings - there are  settings for min and max CPU power, but not per core, thread etc...
Check options under Power options - Change plan settings - Change advanced power settings is there some of options that you want to change in current power plan that you are using, or create new one. But, that's it...
No, there are no tweaks on a per core basis.   You can set processor affinity to assign specific cores to specific processes; but the power settings are for your physical CPU, and these can't be set individually for the different cores.
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ok -Gary, thanks again