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Customer and Product Records not visible in SAGE 50 on one client PC only.

Running Sage 50 Accounts on a network with 10 client PCs. One PC has developed a fault where the Customer and Product records are not shown. Everything else about Sage appears to work okay.
Uninstalled and reinstalled but problem is still there. The Support Info on the Help screen shows 299 Customer records and 125 Product records but no records are displayed. All other client PCs are okay.
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Michael Chisholm
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Have you checked to see if the user permissions in sage are correct.  Have you also tested the user account on another machine to test network security.  This way you can rule out ALC's (access control lists) in sage and on the network.

Once you have completed these tasks post your results and let me know.
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Any user that logs on to Sage on the problem PC gets the same problem. Any user that logs on to Sage on any other PC works okay. So the problem is PC based and not user based. I uninstalled Sage from the problem PC and re-installed it but the problem remains. I replaced SAGE.INI with the one from another PC but again the problem remains. This problem suddenly started last week after years of working okay.
The records for Suppliers, Nominal, Sales Orders etc are all visible and normal, it is only Customer and Product records that are not visible on this PC.
being PC based has does this system have any other security software like MCAfee running?  I have experienced a similar issue with our timberline and MCAfee blocking network and program files from running properly. It is possible after an update this issue evolved.
We have 12 PCs all networked to Microsoft Server 2012. They all have Trend Micro Security Agent installed and this is updated several times per day across all PCs. They are all currently at the same level virus pattern The Sage support info page (HELP> ABOUT) shows identical info on the problem PC as it does on other PCs. 299 Customer Records, 125 Product Records, but nothing is displayed.
A friend over at sage asked if you can start the program as administrator by right clicking the icon and choosing run as administrator.  Supply the admin credentials if needed and let me know if they are visible.  Or you can log on as administrator and run the same test.

trying to determine if the ACLS are damaged on the system.
When logged on to Windows as administrator I cannot run Sage - I do not even get the splash screen, instead it complains of "Invalid data path" but it shows the data path G:\SageV16 which is correct!!

If I am logged onto Windows as a normal user I can log on to Sage as a normal user or as MANAGER - but then I cannot see the Customer or Product records......

The User Access Rights for all users look okay and all users work okay on all other PCs.
No users work correctly on the problem PC.
OK, one other item to try.  Uninstall Sage 50 remove all directories from the system that reference sage such as those stored in the user directory, those stored in programddata, and those stored in the programfiles folders.  If you search sage as an administrator after uninstalling the program you should not find any folders left over. reinstall and test.  This should solve the issue according to the documents on sages support center.  The application may be leaving residual  files or folders in the system after removal.  You can also use revo uninstall after you have completed the regular uninstall but please be careful revo can damage a system.
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My only thought is that this could be a permissions issue.

This could have been proven quickly by using run as admin, however, it appears sage is configured to use a mapped drive rather than a unc path, changing to using a unc path would resolve this (and make you ready for V21 where this is needed for full operation).

It may be possible to log on as one of the windows users on a machine that does work and see if it works for them?

The other option would be to reset permissions on the directory and all its contents on the server.
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Syncing Sage fileshares is a recipe for disaster.  You end up with 2 incomplete record sets and loads of merge conflicts.

I remember someone doing it with dropbox!

Disable it if you can because it will bite you if users enable it.

The new version internet sync is great if you have users that need to work offline.
This has fixed the problem.