BGInfo deployment

Hi Guys,
I'm working to get BGInfo running on a test computer in my domain.

When I run BGInfo.exe it lets me configure it, but when I hit "preview" it  comes up with the following error:

an error occurred opening the default desktop registry key
please ensure the current user has rights to change desktop settings
access denied

The computer is part of a Windows Server 2012 domain.
The domain user I'm logging in with is part of the local "Administrators" group

Any ideas?
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Cliff GaliherCommented:
Make sure you chose to "run as administrator" when running (right click, don't just double-click.)

Being logged in as an administrator isn't enough anymore.  UAC is in win2012 just as deeply as it was In Vista when UAC was introduced, and applications need to be run in an administrator context to have certain permissions.
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Have you checked your gpo deployment?  Do you have the desktop locked down?

Bginfo.exe works well using gpo to deploy

Run gpresults /r or rsop check your settings

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Ankit PareekOnline MarketingCommented:
If you are not able to do changes in registry your windows group admin block the access. As per Microsoft group policy used admin block some access for normal user so they can't edit system setting or registry files also.
You need to login as admin to do changes or ask your system admin to allow permission

Read about Microsoft group Policy here
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cargexAuthor Commented:
Good Morning,
I think you are onto something but I need more specifics.

Here is my current configuration:
I have a Windows 2012 domain
I have a user in the domain and a computer in the domain
I have the bginfo.exe locally in the client computer (c:\scripts)
The domain user is part of the local "Administrators"  group in the client computer

This is the command I use:
BgInfo.exe callcenter.bgi /NOLICPROMPT /TIMER:0

If I'm logged as the domain user I get the error explained at the beginning of this post.

If I'm logged in as the local client computer admin (no domain) it works fine.

Can you please direct me to what exactly it is that I have to change in order for this to work when I'm logged in as the domain user?


When I login with the domain user to the client computer
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Open cmd prompt using run as administrator

Run this gpresult /r >c:\gpo.txt.      Check for what policies are applied

Or run rsop.msc for the report

Post results
cargexAuthor Commented:
here it is:
RSOP data for MYDOMAIN\dom.user on CLIENT-COMP-001 : Logging Mode

OS Configuration:            Member Workstation
OS Version:                  10.0.10240
Site Name:                   N/A
Roaming Profile:             N/A
Local Profile:               C:\Users\dom.user
Connected over a slow link?: No

    CN=ANAME CC,OU=Users,OU=CW Call Center,DC=MYDOMAIN,DC=local
    Last time Group Policy was applied: 8/13/2015 at 9:23:58 AM
    Group Policy was applied from:      ANAME-DC-02.MYDOMAIN.local
    Group Policy slow link threshold:   500 kbps
    Domain Name:                        MYDOMAIN
    Domain Type:                        Windows 2008 or later
    Applied Group Policy Objects
        CC IE Config
        CC Desktop
        CC Logon Script

    The following GPOs were not applied because they were filtered out
        Local Group Policy
            Filtering:  Not Applied (Empty)

    The user is a part of the following security groups
        Domain Users
        NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users
        This Organization
        Authentication authority asserted identity
        High Mandatory Level
Thomas GrassiSystems AdministratorCommented:
Look at the cc desktop gpo in there they must have locked down the desktop background
cargexAuthor Commented:
I just checked it out as it seems to be a good culprit, but all I can find is the following:

Some properties to copy the wallpaper file here
Computer Configuration \ Windows Settings \ Files \ File

And the actual set wallpaper property here
User Configuration \ Policies \ Admin Templates \ Desktop \ Desktop \ Desktop Wallpaper

Any more ideas?

Do you know which would the exact GPO to lock down the desktop?
cargexAuthor Commented:
I selected the "run as administrator"  option as you suggested and the error as described is not there anymore, but nothing happens, meaning the background image doesn't get modified with the IP and other BGInfo information.

Again works like local admin.
Doesn't work with user domain (part of local Administrators group)

I've read that there is a BGInfo 64 bits version, do you know where can I get it without getting my computer infected with malware?
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