Offline Music in Apple Music compared to Spotify

I know how to download offline music in Apple music on my iPhone. I know how to select off-line playlists. Here's what I don't know.

With Spotify off-line access is very specific. I have to go into Spotify and say that I'm running in off-line mode. That's how I know Spotify is it using data. True it's a trust issue but I actually tell it to go off-line.

When I search for this kind of comparison for Apple music I never find a specific answer to this. Off-line all he seems to be mentioned in reference to places where you can't get a good signal or airplane mode or such. I certainly don't want to put my iPhone in airplane mode just to listen to off-line data. For me, I am thinking of times when I'm out riding my bike on in 15 or 20 mile circuit and I want my phone to stay powered up so I usually would switch Spotify into off-line. But then of course my phone will still work in any other way.

I know on the iPhone I can switching to airplane mode when I'm in off-line mode and I listen to the songs that I've been downloaded sure. But my question is this does the same thing hold true when I am not in airplane mode and have a good signal. Or does Apple assume why would you ever want to go and off mine mode when you have a good data connection.

So if somebody can point me to an article that specifically says when I am browsing off-line playlists and playing them they are being played from stored files on the phone and not via a datastream, I would appreciate that.
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Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerCommented:
The difference in Apple Music's offline mode is your more limited access to the Apple Music library. But keep in mind that Apple Music (and Spotify) don't want you to take music and listen to it offline, because it costs too much money to license from the music labels that way.

From this in depth article -
With a paid subscription you can add Apple Music songs to your library and listen offline.
Mix-and-match your songs (from your iTunes library) with Apple Music songs for offline playlists.
Iphone Hacks has an easy tutorial for getting the music you want available to you offline -

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MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
Thank you. But again call me a conspiracy nut or something odd like that. But I suspect unless my phone is actually off-line, Apple music defaults to online play back. Maybe just have something to do with album art being seen or not seen and what that means. I don't know.

Wait. There's an option in settings to say not use cellular data correct. So if I have that turned off and I don't have Wi-Fi then it must definitely be off-line right? I forgot I enabled cellular data when I first set it up so now I'm trying to figure out how to actually verify without having to put my phone in airplane mode. Silly me
Leslie BloomCorporate & Product Marketing ManagerCommented:
I'm right there with you on the conspiracy of them not really having you in offline mode.

I suppose the only way to know is to track
a. data usage on your monthly plan
b. the times where you set to be in offline mode

Then you can compare to see if you were truly offline. Hopefully it works out, best of luck!
MrSlithyAuthor Commented:
I just used so much data it's not worth trying to track and see where this is causing it is. I guess when it comes right down to it if I go into settings and music and say not to use cellular data and I don't have Wi-Fi available and go into off-line playlists and viewing and play I should just take it that it is indeed not using data. Like I said, I actually forgot that I had turn on you cellular data back when I first started to trial with Apple music and I just couldn't figure out how to verify.

Spotify of course allows me to go in off-line mode and tells me that which I like. But with Apple music it's OK to turn off cellular data and expect the same thing I guess.

So far the only thing I really like about Apple music is being able to control it with Siri. I like Spotify better for downloading music off-line it seems to be more reliable. Also the default play back is a little bit better quality. In addition Spotify give me a graphic equalizer. I don't really ever need to use that much but from time to time depending on what I'm playing back on you can make a difference. There's only two users in our Family so there's no real benefit even in the pricing at this point, because Spotify is the same price for two users as Apple music would be for two users.

As far as what Apple does good that I was Spotify would do good, I like the brighter interface as opposed to Spotify is dark interface and I don't know why they don't give me the option to lighten it up. I'm sure there's some argument for life people curating some of the things as opposed to some sort of algorithm helping me determine what music I'd like to listen to.  But that's just not enough to get me to switch from Spotify. I'll probably stick with it.
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