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There are 2 sheets in the attached spreadsheet.  The 1st sheet, Weekly, has about 3,000 lines and I download this weekly.  The 2nd sheet, Perm, are my numbers.  I tried to use Conditional Formatting find duplicates, but I can’t get it to work.  I need the Conditional formatting to find my number out of the almost 3,000 and then I will delete the other numbers.  

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Walter Humko
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I guess you can try use a countif function to check if there's any duplicate entries and then if needed, highlight that column with Conditional Formatting accordingly.

At cell B2 in worksheet "Weekly", you can put this formula:


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and then drag the formula for the same for the rows in same column.
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to find my number out of the almost 3,000
So, you're trying to find the numbers in the Perm list that are in the Weekly list or vice versa?

I will delete the other numbers
From which worksheet are you deleting rows?
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If deleting from the Weekly list put this formula in B2 and fill down:

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Then you can filter for the False values in column B and delete those rows.
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Since this is a regular process for you, I would suggest to go for a VBA solution, you will need to click a button after placing weekly data on Weekly Sheet and your duplicated numbers will be deleted instantly.

Please find the workbook and click on the button Delete Duplicates on Weekly Sheet to delete those numbers from Weekly Sheet which are present in both the sheets Weekly and Perm.

After downloading the workbook, don't forget to enable macros or contents while prompted when opening the file first time.


Thank you this is a very easy solution.   I can share this with my coworkers and it will significatnly reduce the time it takes to update my spreadsheet.   This is hard to pick the best solution, because the others are great too.  

Again, thank you.


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