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TRIM ; out of a text Field


I am trying to take ; out of text field when extracting the data out of the database.

Unfortunately the Text field with create the value ; when a user uses the carriage return when entering in text. I want to get rid of the ; when exporting data into Excel?
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Database and Application Developer
What your sample data looks like. I suppose nothing complicated except it has ; deliminator.

How do you import the data? If you create a named spec (in which you indicate ; is deliminator), it will not import (or show) ; in access.

Basically, you have incomplete question and experts have to make all kind of wild guesses.

Provide sample data, sample code, etc.


Dim str1 = "ABC;DFG"

You can remove ; using the following

str1 = Replace(str1, ";","")

Now MsgBox str1  returns ABCDEF without ;

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